Welcome to my Vintage World

Only went a little wrong!

Only went a little wrong!

Hello there

Let me tell you a little about my love for teacups to get this blog started.

My love for teacups has been growing some what for some time now and I’ll be honest in saying I’ve only just started playing with it.

I’ve always been unsure about what I was most passionate about. I was lucky in my youth and life gave me a lot of chances to explore what my passion might be. I tried horse riding, trampolining, kiting, sailing, knitting, painting, piano but nothing ever quite stuck with me the way collecting and experimenting with teacups has!

My love really came from my best friend, who also has a ‘small’ teacup set obsession. She would go off to all these car boot sales and come back with glorious bounties of tea cup filled boxes. I was always so envious. I did warn her she would run out of space for them all and she did.  In the end she had to buy a display cabinet for them all.

Thankfully, I haven’t reached this critical mass yet but I have quickly realised, even though I will keep about one teacup from every set, I will soon have far too many teacups for my own cupboard. This is where my teacup candles come in; they will be presents and even maybe a little gift company, if I get really good. But for now I’m still learning and I want to experiment.

I would like to say that this blog won’t just be about teacups, although I warn you now if you don’t like teacups/tea/vintage things you should probably visit elsewhere! I will also be posting all my favourite vintage inspired likes and probably a few dresses, my other obsession in life.

The picture above is one of my first ever attempt at a teacup candle. More posts and pictures to come soon.

All my love

Em x


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