Vintage Fairytale – Vintage China Stands & Gifts

When I was at Capstan’s Bazaar I met some nice stall owners, one was selling hand made soaps and the other selling china stands. I bet you can guess which one I drooled over the most.

Here is the stall owner in question and her lovely wares:


At first I was slightly abashed to find out she had drilled through some Royal Albert country rose ( you can just see it in the middle at the back) but the china stands soon charmed me. I suppose it was because they were just so different to anything I’d seen before. They did a variety of styles I especially loved this silvery set she had found. It really renewed my love of teacups and china, there are just so many things you can do with them.

And really they are just so darn pretty.

To contact Vintage fairytale find them at

Much love

Em xx


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