Our Little Trip to a Tearoom called: Bullivant of York

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently dragged my best friend to another Tearoom! (I just can’t get enough of them). I remember visiting this tearoom a few times before with another best friend and thought it was lovely. So I was quite excited to go back and was very much looking forward to my lunch!

On arrival we came across this lovely book shelf full of teacups and mugs etc. It was a fantastic display, albeit slightly ruined by the ‘Do Not Touch/Breakages must be paid for’ signs. I understand protecting your wears but they could have at least make them funny or at least pretty to look at!

Teacup shelfI think these were my favourite mugs on the shelf, and they weren’t even Teacups! *gasp* (The pink ones of the left at the bottom of the picture).

Teacup shelf 2

The Tearoom is a thin one (minus the blurry friend, of course), and has a lovely window display of teapots!

The Tearoom

Window Display

Poppy China Set

We were sat down fairly promptly. took a chance to gander at the menu and boy! were we surprised! The food options wasn’t exactly varied and they were fairly pricey for what they appeared to be. The tea option was about 2 pounds fifty but it was just a Twinnings teabag in a teapot! Not even loose leaf! I was shocked.Not the standard I am used to.

My friend Jen then ordered a Red Bush Tea and a smoked salmon and prawn sandwich! Here is her deciding what she wanted:

Jen deciding her choices

I chose to have just the smoked salmon sandwich, which was nice but I was left feeling disappointed. The Tea was just served on plain white boring tea sets. I just didn’t feel special in any way. Perhaps my standards have just gone up too high since visiting some really great tearooms!

Oh well, onwards and upwards. I have decided to start a bit of tearoom rooms. So out of five stars (fice being the best) I give 2 stars to Bullivant of York but please do feel free to try it out for yourself, of course!!

The search continues for my favourite best Vintage Tearoom!!

Em x


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