Friends who start businesses…

In 2014, the economy is a very different place to where it was 10 years ago, never mind 15 or 20 years. Getting a job in your chosen career is harder than ever, so like a good few others my special friends have all decided to take this on the chin and start their own businesses. It means they get to do what they love but it’s a difficult challenge to take on. So I want to celebrate each and every one of them for being so brave!

Here is a showcase of the friends who start businesses….

First of all, I introduce you to my long time friend Mary. She runs a jewellery company called ‘The 1900 Workshop’ a business that creates bespoke and unique jewellery and crafts for anyone and any occasion. She is a creative soul, who has worked hard at learning her skills and has finally reached a point, where she is a professional who showcases her wares at fairs and even recently become stock within an art gallery. She creates bespoke pieces, so all you have to do is ask!

flower in bottle mary

braclets mary

wait for me mary thin gold rings mary gold rings mary

The next friend I introduce you to my fab friend Cindy, who I constantly refer to as my radiator because all she seems to give out is warmth. I think her business is very much related to that. She is ‘Cindy, The Feel Good Coach’ – she teaches people how to feel good by clearing out their old thinking patterns, emotions or memories that hold them back. She is such a great person to be around and I couldn’t think of anybody else I’d want to get help from.

This is her, I just love her smile 😀

cindy image

This is the kind of stuff she gets you thinking about!

be nice to yourself cindy

And really why wouldn’t you want to think positively!

Another friend (perhaps more of an friend through a friend) has opened up her own bakery! Consider me impressed. Her bakery is called ‘White Cherry Bakery‘ –  her bakery prides itself on producing the most scrumptious and delicious cakes and treats by hand. I’ve only recently been introduced to this business but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like its going from strength to strength. Just look at these gorgeous cakes! Why wouldn’t you want them in your shop?

cupcakes hannah pop cakes hannah Red Velvert hannah scones hannah

Please may I eat them all right now?

My next friend has started a little business called ‘Leanne’s Littles‘ – where she makes Handmade quilts, plushes, doorstops and more. Plus baby quilts made from recycled baby clothes as a unique keep sake. This small business has grown out of a hobby of hers, which is great to see. I love her little creative designs and how the products are really appropriate for both parents and the children they are created for.

Here a few cute ones:

Baby quilt leanne blankey leanne doorstop leanne grabby leanne

My second to last friend  has only recently launched her business and I’m chuffed for her. Her business is called ‘Sarah Douglas Illustration‘ – she paints with gouache and pencils, creating quaint and hand drawn images. She also loves hand lettering and pencil drawing. As a new business she’s got a long road ahead of her but I know she can do it, especially when she can do this..

mill street sarah teacups sarah tearoom sarah willersey door

And my last friend, who is quite a special friend to me, owns the business called ‘Toxic Noodle Designs‘ and I couldn’t be prouder! Toxic Noodle Is a quirky little studio where magic is made, and little critters come to life. Handmade, bespoke and custom made products. She creates bespoke plush toys based on real life pets and also designs a number of funky products such as tote bags, electronic device covers and cushions to name but a few.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces!

cat toxic doc toxic foxes toxic owls toxic

And that’s a whole selection of my really talented and wonderful friends! I love to hear about little businesses, so feel free to get in touch about any you know of!

Post soon!

*Sorry about the lack of males in this post, I can’t seem to think of any male friends who have opened a business….I’ll let you know if I think of any!


One thought on “Friends who start businesses…

  1. Cindy says:

    Brilliant blog Emily and thanks so much for the mention – you are an absolute star my lovely. Looking forward to vlogs soon 🙂

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