The Best Friend and The Bakehouse

Last weekend I took the trip up to Liverpool to visit my best friend (aka Wifey).

wifey and 1

I actually spoke to her a few weeks before I went about my new request to be taken to the best tearooms in all of the locations that I visit….as how else will I be able to blog about all these lovely places?

She mentioned a couple of places including one with a very contemporary Afternoon Tea that included mini burgers, mini hot dogs and teapots full of cocktails….sounded very innovative but we settled on a more traditional place called ‘Cuthbert’s Bakehouse‘.

cutherberts bakery outside

It was a charming and traditional looking Teashop just out of the city centre, and was a fairly easy walk. We planned to meet her other half at the venue, so we turned up and thankfully managed to snag us a table before he arrived, as it was a very busy Friday strangely!!

Lovely expression there Lee!

We did note sadly that the ‘Afternoon Tea‘ was actually only available on pre-order, which I felt a little disappointed by because if you had just happened to come across the place or done a simple on-line search you would have missed out on the afternoon tea. Thankfully none of us were after so much food, but we did see others munching and it looked delicious!

The shop décor was very pretty and we were treated to the sights of many delicious looking cakes, vintage styled decorations/furnishings and lots of teacups!! 

teacup shelf The Cake Bar tea 2 Tea 1 cuthberts teabar

So onto the food. I decided to go for a light meal of Pitta, Hummus, Feta and Olives. It was delicious. Bestie and her t’other half had a sandwich and a jacket potato.

My looked very tasty indeed, if I do say so myself.lpool lunch

Lastly we went on to try some delicious cakes! It was quite a luxury, as I’m normally too full to try one but that day was my day. I went for a Red Velvet Cupcake, the icing was so soft and sweet. My Bestie normally has trouble with cake, as she is intolerant to gluten but managed to spot an amazing looking GF Chocolate Brownie! I was almost tempted to send my right back.

Red Velvert Cupcake

Chocco Brownie

So overall this was quite a nice tearoom, I felt the service could have been upped slightly by having another member of staff on as it was very busy but in general the food was tasty, the cakes delicious and the décor homely.

So Cuthbert’s Bakehouse gets 3.5 Stars! 

Coming soon…Betty’s Tearoom at Harlow Carr.


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