The Other Bestie and The Other Betty’s

Bettys Shop Front

This weekend I was really lucky to have one of my best friends visit. She lives quite a long way away, so it’s extra special when she comes! In honour of such a visit, we decided we would go somewhere nice and that nice place turned out to be Betty’s at Harlow Carr! I’ve been to the one in York many times but never ventured as far as the Harlow Carr Tearoom (Near Harrogate). We met with my aunt and uncle, who are regular patrons of this betty’s as it is situated at the entrance of the RHS Harlow Carr gardens, which they often visit for some picture taking.

My best friend and I turned up close to lunch time, all dressed up because we thought why not ehh? Dress up for us and no-one else.

The Cafe Tearooms has a shop at the entrance and it is filled with all things nice! Why not take a peek?

Betty's Shop Inside Betty's Shop Shelves Cake Counter

I especially loved the Betty’s Emma Bridgewater Pottery! I’m a big fan of her other ceramic pottery, so a tie in of the two is heaven for me.

Emma Bridgewater Betty's Pottery

At Betty’s Harlow Carr, there is a coffee shop (as well as the tearoom) where you can only get light bites and drinks but we wanted hot food so we went through to the Tearoom which is just behind the coffee room. I ordered the usual Earl Grey that I adore from Betty’s, it really is an excellent blend and they bring them out in these silver tea sets. It’s so elegant!

Earl Grey

Here are some obligatory action shots of me pouring my Early Grey!

Me pouring teaPouring tea close up

I love using the tea strainer, it makes me feel very fancy indeed! Natalie had this gorgeous looking Hot Chocolate!

Natalies Hot Choccy

Then we ordered our food and this is what came out, I don’t think it needs much explaining as the picture speaks for itself. Do you agree?


The food was all so delicious, I don’t think anybody left anything on their plate. This was one of the first times in a long time that I had something that wasn’t a breakfast item and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Salmon was cooked to perfection and the salad just complimented it beautifully. I do recommend trying the food if you ever go, it may be a little pricey but boy do you get the quality and some great tastes!

Once we were all done with that, we really splurged and all had pudding as well. Natalie and I shared two cakes off the cake trolley. So cute!

Dessert Cart

It was hard to choose between all the cakes, as they all looked scrumptious!

pudding 1 pudding 2

My aunt had a fruit sundae and my uncle had some lovely looking chocolate ice cream with toffee sauce! Yum.

pudding 4

pudding 3



Overall it was absolutely fantastic. The service was second to none as it usually is. I really can’t fault Betty’s at all. If you’re ever in York, Harrogate or Harlow Carr you must, must, must visit Betty’s. My golden tip is to either go really early in the morning or quite late in the evening to avoid the queues!!

4.5* Stars for Betty’s Harlow Carr!


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