The Harrogate Vintage Trail

Last weekend, I dragged my best friend on a mini Vintage Shop trail around Harrogate. I recently got hooked on a UK television show called ‘This Old Thing‘, which is all about introducing reluctant people to the world of Vintage and it really struck a chord with me. I loved how the presenter made me feel like Vintage was something I could do. In all honesty, I’ve always thought I was little too big size wise for Vintage but I felt like she encouraged me to just go and have a try. As she so rightly put, sizing has all changed and clothing shapes are so different now. You never know what might fit you!

So in an effort to try out this new found passion I simply typed vintage shops Harrogate into my phone and off we went! Not it seems my most cunning plan to date……apparently you should probably take a few minutes beforehand to research into these things. The first shop we looked for didn’t even exist and so we had spent a blustery 10 minutes looking for nothing! Not the best use of our precious time.

Next we went on to look for a vintage shop called ‘Space‘, The map suggested there were a number of vintage shops in the area but when we arrived we could only see Space. It turns out the vintage shop space included a number of vintage dealers and shops. I thought this was a fantastic idea, and the shop was laid out beautifully. Some times vintage shops can seem really untidy and very difficult to browse around but this one was different. Each section was laid out beautiful and some sections were even styled in the correct decor. Fantastic! I got quite camera happy in this shop.

vintage 7 vintage 6 vintage 5 vintage 4They even had a couture vintage dress section and just wow…those were some dresses beautiful. The designs and the detail were exquisite.

vintage 2Vintage 1I did actually try on two vintage dresses on but they didn’t quite fit right. Onwards and upwards I say!

We next popped along to a vintage shop called ‘Elegant Era‘. This was tucked away in the Harrogate Mews. It was a very quaint shop, which turned out to only sell Vintage style replicas. The lady who run the shop explained that the 40’s vintage market, the one she loved the most, had become rather dry in recent years and the quality was just lacking in the pieces. Therefore she had taken the bold move to stock only vintage reproductions. I thought she had picked some absolutely lovely ones.

vintage 9My friend even purchased one (no photo though sorry!!). I tried on a dress, I didn’t get it though because the material bunched up a lot at the top and I thought the colour was draining on me.

vintage 10

At this point we ran out of time, as searching for these shops had taken far too long. Next time I go vintage shop hunting I will definitely check first the shops are open to the public still and two I know where they are!

I’d love to see any of your vintage finds. Please link to any vintage clothes blog posts or photos!


2 thoughts on “The Harrogate Vintage Trail

  1. Loved that show too. I’d love to own some real vintage.I do own a reproduction 1950s wiggle dress. But I have put on far to much weight recently …so its way to tight now. 😦 All that cake i eat when finding new tea rooms. A perk/con of being a blogger.Xx

    • I know what you mean, the gym has become my new best friend…the thought…keep going, you get to eat cake…runs through my head a lot!

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