I won a Teacup!!

Recently I entered a blog giveaway from I blog I follow: Sunshine and Celandines! She’s really into teacups and tearooms too, so it’s really a no brainer that I like her blog.

The winning prize was this cute little teacup….so I quickly put my name into the hat never expecting to win but when I checked back a few weeks later, there was my name on her postΒ announcing the winner πŸ˜€

Here is the beautiful winning Teacup:

teacup 3

I recently made a video about opening the teacup when it arrived. It was my first attempt at an online video blog, so it’s not 100% perfect or flawless but it’s all me, so I love it. I’ll be doing some more Vlogs in the future but you can check out my first one here!

Here are a few more teacup pictures, it was very sunny when I took these!

teacup bottom Teacup 1 saucer

I’ll be back soon with some new china, a vintage trip to York and some new vintage clothes!


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