A Spot of Dinner at Bill’s!

Well I don’t actually know someone called Bill….rather I know a new restaurant in York called Bill’s

neon sign

My friend and I ventured to Bill’s last week when we popped into town to grab some dinner together. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so it was a nice chance to go somewhere ne together. We wanted somewhere with nice food but in an easy location, not too pricey and not very busy. Bill’s was perfect on a Monday night (can’t comment on weekends etc). It only opened a few weeks ago but seems to be running really well already. We were shown to our table quickly, watered and given menus. Neither of us were particularly hungry, so I just had this lovely risotto and my friend went for two starters…some crab and prawn cakes and some grilled asparagus !!! Slightly unusual but she said it tasted really great. The decor was unusual for York, so it really made a striking impression and I think will go down well with York patrons.

Here are a few photos from the restaurant taken on my phone:

table settings bills


bills customers bills armchairs

They even had all this awesome Bill’s food and drink products stacked on their shelves that added to the funky contemporary feel. 

bills jam

I would definitely recommend Bill’s if you ever come across one. Bit more of a food experience but still very affordable!


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