The Earl Grey Tearooms | A Disappointed Emily

It was recently a bank holiday in the UK. This meant a lot of people got the day off work including me (woo) and thankfully so did my sister. She suggested we do something together and as always, I suggested we go to a tearoom.

My idea was to visit the nicely named ‘The Earl Grey Tearooms‘ in York. This tearoom is actually located along the famous York street ‘The Shambles‘, so I had quite high expectations for this place.

This tearoom has a really nice exterior (see banner photo), though all the shop fronts down the shambles are  protected from changes due to their age, so I’m not sure they can take all the credit!

They have quite a homely tearoom decor, which I rather liked.

fridge dresser 2 dresser 1

My sister and I were joined at the Tearoom by one of our friends, who doesn’t visit often, which was nice.

We were seated fairly quickly but were shocked to find ourselves still waiting to order a mere 30 minutes later. And when the waitress did come up, she then took the order from a table who had arrived after us. We couldn’t believe it! By this time, we were hungry, annoyed but really short of time, so we had to stick it out. My sister and I both ordered afternoon tea, and our friend ordered a scone and hot chocolate.

Our drinks arrived fairly promptly and to be fair the hot chocolate looked scrummy but just take a look at that strainer cup…plastic?!?!? What on earth are they thinking? I may be a bit traditional at times when it comes to my afternoon tea, but are they trying to make me never come again? It looks like it came from a hospital. I was very sad to see this at my table


hot choccy


So moving on, next came out the afternoon tea stands and to be fair the food was pretty good. I liked the basic sandwiches, nothing too fancy but really wholesome. The scones was delicious, especially with the jam and clotted cream (apparently some people have whipped cream…who are you people? We need to discuss this…maybe get you some therapy :p) and we each had a delicious looking cake on top.

egtr 1 egrm 2

Here’s a big question for you, how do you like your scone?

jam ontop 2

Jam on Top or….

cream ontop

Clotted Cream on Top?

Let me know which you prefer!

The service was very poor in this place and I felt really let down by it. Overall I give this place 2* but only because the food made up for the poor service a bit. It’s not somewhere I would recommend but as always, I highly suggest you try it out for yourself 😀

Another tearoom review soon and boy was it a whole different experience!!


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