Drewton’s | Country Farm Tearoom of Excellence

One of my best friends came home for a visit, so I of course dragged her out to a tearoom! She suggested we visited Drewton’s, a country estate with a kitchen tearoom. It was fantastic and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

dr sign

drewtons kitchen

We were really lucky and managed to get a table straight away. I ordered a cup of Earl Grey tea and a nice cheese and chutney sandwich. My friend also ordered tea but she had a breakfast muffin. The tea was lovely, I took a look at the label and saw that it was actually Taylor’s of Harrogate. Which I really like, so they were already in my good books with their good taste.

DR Teacup

Our food came out fairly quickly and tasted gorgeous.

dr cheese sarnie dr baconThe tearoom had all sorts of little cute additions, that made it really perfect.

dr ketchup dr flowers

Once we had finished our lovely food, we took a quick stroll around the attached farm shop which only stocked local produce from under 50 miles around and also a little shop full of vintage bits.

dr shop dr cartwrights

dr wheelbarrow dr teacup candle dr shopp

I noticed they also stocked the tea they had served us in the cafe, so I treated myself to a box. You never know when you’ll need more….aka always!

dr taylors tea

All the cake on this cake bar looked fantastically tasty but unfortunately we didn’t have any. Maybe next time eh? Got to go back to try their afternoon tea though as it looked amazing.

dr cake bar

This tearoom got 4.5*. It had great service, great food and an excellent location! A must try.


One thought on “Drewton’s | Country Farm Tearoom of Excellence

  1. Looks a lovely place. And highly recommended by you!
    I have awarded you a Liebster Award. Just a bit of fun.Check out my Liebster Award post for details and a fun questionaire. x

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