York Car Boot | A Gold Mine…if you look hard enough!

At the weekend, my sister and I ventured out fairly early to one of our local car boot sales!

We find this is an excellent place to search for affordable china. If you have a local regular car boot, I would definitely recommend you visit to see what you can find!

My sister and I made quite a day of it, even went for breakfast! This time I filmed myself as I went around the car boot. So if you’re interested in seeing what went on, check it out hereΒ !

This blog post is to show you all our lovely china purchases from the car boot sale and also a chance to show you some of our other recent purchases. If you hadn’t guessed by now, we’re a bit keen and get quite a lot of new stuff regularly. So here is a bit of peak into what kind of china we like and look for.

Car Boot Finds!

cbc 9 cbc 7

cbc 5cbc 8cbc 6 cbc 4 cbc 3 cbc 2 cbc 1

China from Local Shops

A beautiful multicoloured rose themed set!

shop 11

shop 13shop 14shop 10 shop 7 shop 3 shop 2A Periwinkle Blue/Pink Rose Set

shop 12 shop 8 shop 5

And finally this gorgeous rose and green leaf, smudged gold gilding tea set plus teapot!

shop 1 shop 4 shop 9

shop 15 shop 16 shop 17

So as you can tell we really like rose and flower patterns but not as fussy on the colour.

Let me know which ones are your favourites!


2 thoughts on “York Car Boot | A Gold Mine…if you look hard enough!

  1. you have some beauties there! I think i love them all.:)) The car boot in my town is really lacking in china.But saying that, its been a few months since my last trip.So I might be surprised.Love your tea trolley.x

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