Liverpool Holibobs | Wicked, Vintage and D.I.Y Burritos

I’m in Liverpool…again!

I often visit, as my best friend lives here and obviously I want to see her a lot. A few months ago we heard the musical ‘Wicked’ would be going to Liverpool and Sarah was desperate to see it! I love it so much, so really it was really a no brainer that we should go. Her housemate even got in on the action and we book all our tickets. They weren’t exactly cheap, about £40 but it was well worth it and I decided I should make a bit of a holiday of it. I arranged to stay a few days in Liverpool, and then after to go on to see another friend, down near Stoke-on-Trent.

We had a really great day leading up to the fantastic finale of seeing Wicked. A delicious lunch, followed by a few vintage shops. My perfect kind of holiday!

Lunch was in a place called ‘MelloMello‘. I think I may have mentioned this place before but here are some pictures anyway. They have a great vintage style decor in the place and even have a stage!

mello 12 mello 11 mello 10      mello 9 mello 6         mello 5 mello 4        mello 3 mello 2      Mello 1

They do loads of vegetarian food too, I absolutely love it. Sarah and I both had these D.I.Y burritos! Too much food though, so we didn’t end up eating dinner til really late. Oops!

mello 7

Once we left we ventured to the more unique shops of Liverpool, you know how much I’m loving Vintage right now!! We first ventured to a place called ‘Little Red Vintage‘. This place had a nice feel to it, again another shop that was presented well. It had clear clothing sections and lovely decor.

LRV 11    LRV 1     LRV 8 LRV 7 LRV 6 LRV 5 LRV 4 LRV 3

I couldn’t find anything I really liked clothes wise but I am on the lookout for a vintage suit. I saw someone else posted about a gorgeous one that had found and I just can’t forget about it. It was such a stylish statement piece. I will keep endeavouring though. I really liked this pink one but it wasn’t in my size.


Sarah and I found these sweet necklaces and we just had to have them. One each of course!

LRV  14

Next we went onto ‘Pop‘ vintage. We were hoping to visit their new bigger store but it wasn’t quite ready yet. So we just popped into their smaller store that is still open. I really liked it in this place, another neatly organised shop but it had such a good ‘vibe’. Here are a few pics, again I didn’t buy anything from here but Sarah did. Lovely pair of patterned trousers and vintage white blouse.


So after all this shopping and food, we had to make a quick shufty back to sarah’s house to get ready for the big show. It was so good. I’ve seen Wicked before and it never disappoints. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Here is my outfit for the night and outside of the theatre!

wixked wicked 2

That’s our day and it was so good, I even took some video. So I’ll be posting it sometime soon. Will add it on here when I do!

I’m off to some of the potteries, tearooms and a night out with my other friend this weekend. So I think I may do another post this weekend. Just had too much to tell you to wait.


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