Gladstone Pottery Museum | The Visual Tour

Howdy partners!

Sorry it’s been a few days since I posted, I’ve been really tired lately and decided that I would take care of Numero Uno. So I got some sleep and now I’m all ready to share more lovely pottery tales with you all!

So today is all about the ‘Gladstone Pottery Museum‘. This is described as ‘The story of The Potteries, all wrapped up in one unique museum‘, which is actually a really good description of the place. When Katie told me about the place, I thought it was going to be like a traditional museum but actually it’s more like a pottery museum tour. You get to see inside the old pottery chimneys, see working machine parts, see pottery being made and watch it being sculpted (it really made me want to take a pottery class!) and just generally take a sneak peak into the life in a pottery factory in the way back when!

I learnt so much going around this place. Life was really tough in these kinds of factories, with health issues being a major concern for most of the workers. It really makes you appreciate how easy we have it sometimes, in terms of working conditions.

Here are all the wonderful pictures I got to take in the museum! I definitely recommend a visit to this place. Though if you visit the museum, please be aware as they are not open on Sundays! A great place to while way a few good hours and learn a lot!

Enjoy πŸ˜€

gl 2 gl 3 gl 4 gl 5 gl 6 gl 7 gl 9 gl 10 gl 11 gl 12 gl 13 gl 14 gl 15 gl 16 gl 17 gl 18 gl 19 gl 20 gl 21 gl 22 gl 24 gl 26

More soon!


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