Emma Bridgewater | So Many Beautiful Mugs

My second to last holibob tale features the one and only ‘Emma Bridgewater‘.

EB 12

It was quite a mission to find it because, as we found with the other places in the potteries, they seemed to be in the strangest of places. I loved it.

Just take a look at this place, it’s absolutely beautiful. A very simplistic style ran through the whole place. What do you think?

EB 11 EB 8

I was really looking forward to looking around this factory shop. I’ve been a big admirer of Bridgewater pottery for a long time and I thought it would be the perfect timeΒ to pick up a piece of Bridgewater pottery at a slightly more affordable price. My aunt and grandmother both have Bridgewater at home, so it’s nice to finally be part of that club.

EB 9

There was just so much beautiful pottery and this was just their leftovers. This kind of pottery is called ‘Seconds’, simply put this is all the pottery that didn’t quite pass their quality checks and is sold off a bit cheaper. I couldn’t pick a favourite pattern but I fell in love with a marmalade mug and was also lucky enough to be bought an early Christmas gift of a pottery milk bottle.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the shop:

EB 1

EB 3

EB 4

EB 5 EB 6

EB 7

My friend Katie admiring all the lovely pots and mugs.

Once we’d had a good mosey about the shop, we decided we couldn’t leave the site without a quick pop into the cafe.

EB 10

As I hadn’t had breakfast I decided to have a quick bite to eat as well and chose the soup. It was a lovely leek and potato soup, which tasted really fresh and came with a hot roll. It was delightful. I also of course ordered a cup of early grey. CoolΒ teapot ehh. Best thing about trying out the tearoom in a factory shop, you know what you’ll be getting your tea in πŸ˜€

EB 14

EB 17

EB 16

The cafe also had some amazing show pieces withΒ Bridgewater patterns on everyday items, it looked fantastic! See my cover photo for the full effect.

EB 15

Our last point of call in our visit was to go through the ‘gift’ shop, where all the first pottery pieces lived and all the extra bits and pieces! It was glorious.

EB 19 EB 18

I rather admired thisΒ pillow pattern but unfortunately it was a bit out of my price range. The blend of colours seemed just right. I think I’m quite attached to the mulberry colour and fruit patterns at the moment. The blue in this pattern definitely would look right atΒ homeΒ in my up coming room makeover. Maybe one day ehh!

EB 20

I also picked up this lovely diary from the Bridgewater shop, which features 12 of the different Bridgewater patterns, one for each month. A nice way to get all the patterns without spending a fortune.

EB 23

Once we left the Bridgewater Factory Shop, we took a trip to the Wedgwood Museum but I’ll tell you all about that in another post.

This place was a great morning out, obviously especially nice if you’re a big pottery fan like me. I feel Emma Bridgewater has done a fantastic job is opening up the pottery industry to a whole new audience and I will like her stuff for years to come. Have you got any Bridgewater pieces?


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