Wedgwood | A history and some personal history too

This is the last post from my trip to Stoke-on-Trent, which was actually quite a long time ago now and is all about the ‘Wedgwood Museum‘. This is now one of my favourite places.

The Wedgwood Museum showcases the past 250 years of history from the Wedgwood company, right from the very beginning with Josiah Wedgwood I starting a pottery firm, so that he could make the pottery he wanted to make. Experimenting with with new ways to mold pottery, creating new types of pottery such as Jasper, blending new colours and developing new techniques. His legacy has lasted for over 250 years, with many ups and downs. From family disinterest to disruption due to the war to declines in pottery interest. It really was such a treat to walk around these corridors full of such history and life. The best £6 I’ve spent in such a long time. Some of the pieces actually nearly brought me to tears. I finally realised in this place, that I have found something I love in this world.

In my teens I jumped from hobby to hobby but nothing really stuck. Nothing made me want to work hard at it, nothing made me feel like the creative person I wanted to be. Then on into my twenties, I started to figure what I liked to do more and more, such as blogging and collecting china. Finally blending the two into what you are reading now. Walking around that museum made me realise how strongly I felt about the world of pottery and how I felt that the missing piece in my life had been found. It may sound a bit dramatic to some people, but for me I feel like I’ve finally found something that is just right for me.

The Wedgwood collection was actually still under threat during my visit and I was going to encourage you all to donate to help save it from being broken up and sold off. Thankfully it was recently saved by the ‘Art Fund‘ and all the generous donations from many people who love china and Wedgwood as much as I do.

I wasn’t actually allowed to film or take photos within the museum, so this is just going to be a written blog post. I have some video which I filmed during the entire weekend, which I’m finally going to edit into a video for you all. So I will post that this weekend I think.

This really was just a chance to tell you how much I loved the Wedgwood Museum, share with you about my life discovery and encourage you all to go visit the museum!


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