Vintage Finds | A treasure trove of vintage

Whilst in the Peak District, I also ventured into a local vintage shop and it was lovely! This little shop was called ‘Vintage Finds’. When I get my own home, I know this is somewhere I want to visit again just so I can buy everything. The owner had excellent taste and the shop was jam packed to the rafters, it was so beautiful. She had tea sets, furniture, old vintage jars/pots/stands…you name it, she had it!

vf 1

I could have stayed there forever!

vf 5 VF 4

I even spied a lovely little tea set. You know me, like a magpie to these things but in the end I decided against it. I think even if I went back in a couple of months, I would still find something I loved. So I’m not too worried.

Even the shop front was absolutely gorgeous, just full and so much life. What do you think? One of the better ones definitely.

vf 3

I absolutely adored this stand and these sets. I really want some of these stands, so I can showcase some of my sets off but there are quite rare, so I will have to keep my eyes peeled.

vf 6

I had a few more photos, but unfortunately some of them got corrupted on my SD card. I hope to visit again soon, so I can take more photos for you all!

Why not check out her Facebook page here? Or check out her Website here for more information?

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