Painting Pottery | A First Attempt

With my interest in pottery and after seeing a fellow blogger try it, my sister and I decided to try our hand at pottery painting. We booked ourselves in for a local evening pottery painting class at a shop called ‘Fired Art’.

The setup was basically you pay a £3.50 studio fee. This covered the use of the studio, paints and came with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Absolute bargain I’d say. Then on the night you picked whichever piece you want to paint. Obviously the bigger the piece of pottery, the more expensive it is. So anyone can try it whether you have a big or small budget.

the pottery shop

I picked a teacup because really how could I pick anything else? My sister went for a rainbow money-box, which was really sweet.

getting started

Each table had its own box full of paints with numbers on which matched up to the colours of the small pot above. This was so you could see what each of the colours would look like once they had been fired. The lady running the session told us that one layer of paint would produce quite a faint colour and three layers would provide a complete coverage.

*My little tip is do not be too shy on how much paint you use, you need to use a good amount for each layer to get a full body of colour…honest don’t hesitate!

PP 13

The lady went through the instructions at the beginning but mostly left us to have a go. She suggested for the bigger areas you wanted to paint, a sponge and a tile was a better tool. This is to avoid getting obvious paintbrush strokes when the pottery is fired. I decided to go for bulk colour on my teacup, as you can see here. So I pretty much used the sponge technique for my whole piece. My sister however used a paintbrush for all of hers, as she need to be very careful and precise to get the rainbow beams done correctly.

nearly finished painting

I used an aqua/egg-shell blue and a light pinkish colour. I’m really into these colours at the moment. I also went for a gold trim to mirror the idea of gilding on bone china teacups. Not sure it worked that well but I think it made it more original. I also added my own little logo EVW on the bottom, see below (i.e. Emily’s Vintage World). I may have to practice it though. About half way through we were given a cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake. A really nice touch.


These were the final pieces, pre-firing.

Fully Painted Text

We picked them up about a week later and here they are! Not too bad for a first attempt. .

Finished Pottery

Next time I will definitely be adding more paint, as I was a little shy in some areas which I think you can really see. Next I really want to have a go at making something with clay. I think a teacup may be a bit further down the road but it’s definitely something to aspire to! I definitely recommend having a go, something different but interesting to do!

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