Bicis Y Mas | A Review and An Old Favourite!

BM 12

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before but I’m actually a pescetarian, which basically means I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish. So often I struggle with what to eat when I go out. In this instance however my best friend suggested we try the above place because it was a vegetarian restaurant. It’s called ‘Bicis Y Mas‘, which means Bicycles and more.

I get pretty darn excited anytime I can eat everything on the menu! Surprisingly rare. This time I went for what was described on the menu as a ‘hot pot’ but was actually a tureen. It was so darn tasty. My bestie went for a pastry with some homemade salads. I got to try some of hers and it had some really great tastes.

BM 3

BM 5

I had a cup of blue organic earl grey tea as well, which was divine! I really like the crockery, it had a nice burst of bold colour. The little cafe was very relaxed and funky. The service wasn’t fantastic to begin with, as they left us waiting to order for a wee bit too long but we were forgiving enough, as they had only just opened. Prices very reasonable and they had quite a bit of offer food wise, very healthy indeed.

BM 4

BM 6 BM 7

We would have tried the cake but we had an alternative appointment with an old tearoom friend that we were long overdue for. It did look delicious though.

BM 9

This place was very relaxed, quite trendy, very affordable and the food was just really good! Definitely an 8/10 for this place. Service could always be improved a bit but I’m sure they will be experiencing a steep learning curve round about now! So good luck to them.

Oh by the way did I mention they also sell bikes?

BM 10

Bit extra on the side!

After our lovely little cafe visit we popped into our favourite little tearoom: Me and Mrs Fisher! They are so lovely in there, we love going. We knew we had to go back because it had just been so long since our first visit.

fish 4

I also had to try the pink lemonade cake that had caught my eye last time and boy was I glad we went back for it. So good.

The cake was perfectly balanced between sweet and the savoriness that a cake needs. The little raspberry seeds made it pop slightly in the mouth and the icing was so soft and creamy.

fish 6 fish 3

Right…I need to go back right now…..where are my shoes!

Bestie tried a lemon and poppy seed cake but we both decided the pink lemonade cake won out! Seriously they should enter it into a cake competition.

fish 5

Catch up soon. Off to another tea room this weekend and a vintage fair! So very excited.

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