Bedroom Make Over | Part 1

Colours, colours and more colours!

How is anyone supposed to choose just one set of colours to paint a room? There are so many beautiful colours in the world…let alone the styles and furniture to choose to go with those colours….well actually this all sounds quite heavenly really. And I’ve been planning my room for a while now, I mean this is my pinterest board for bedrooms alone…..

Bedroom Pin Board

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The reason I’m telling you all this is because I’ve finally got to the point where I can actually paint my bedroom. In preparation for this I have done some more clearing out to prepare, chosen my colours and inherited a few bits of furniture/decor that is going to go perfectly with the newly decorated room.

Mulberry has always been one of my favourite colours and I really wanted it to be a big feature in the room re-design. However I did think four walls of mulberry may be a tad too much mulberry. Sigh, never thought I’d say that!


Instead the plan was to have a mulberry feature wall with three surrounding light grey walls but after some experimenting I was persuaded grey was too stark for a bedroom (colour below on the far right) and have gone for a pinkish tinged white/grey colour that is much more complimentary to the mulberry.

The mulberry colour chosen is a Dulux Feature wall paint (the right mulberry of the two), whereas the supporting colour is called Pebble shore, a B&Q branded paint.

Testing out the colours!

Testing out the colours!

Now I’ve decided on the colours, the next step is to paint the room……fingers crossed this weekend. I will take lots of photos for you all. I’ve still got a bit of prep work to do before I can paint i.e. sand down the yellow border you can see above as it goes around the entire room, take down the curtains and cover everything. I have roped in family and my other half. Definitely think I’m going to need them.

Once the painting is done, I will need to get some new curtains and a new lampshade. Then I will adding a shabby chic look to my new desk and an old bedside table. I really can’t wait to show you the finished room.

In the meantime, can you guess what my new furniture is from the pictures below?

mystery piece 1 mystery 2

Mystery 3

Part 2 coming soon!

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