The Consortium | Winchester

On a recent trip to the beautiful town of Winchester in the UK, my friends and I stumbled upon this wonderful vintage emporium: ‘The Consortium‘.

Vintage shop in Winchester!

Vintage shop in Winchester!

I’ve since discovered it to be one of a couple shops but I absolutely adored it. I loved how it was split into different kinds of vintage in each room on each of the floors. They all had such a completely different feel to it, so it really could have been four different shops.

The Consortium Window

It was set out in a very contemporary manner, which made it easy to navigate and allowed you to appreciate all the wonderful wares.

Vintage pieces More main stream but still pretty Need this in my life....

I really wanted one of these in an ‘E’ but no such luck.

A Bit of Vintage Retro

Well worth a visit for that Vintage pieceΒ you are missing but you just don’t know it yet….the story of my vintage life!

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4 thoughts on “The Consortium | Winchester

  1. So nicely laid out…and the light is wonderful. I have to tell you, this weekend, I discovered a wonderful little shop where they sell refurbished furniture or the chalk paint to do it yourself. I think I’m in love with chalk paint–is that something you use in your work?

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