Mollys Den | A Vintage Playground

In Winchester after a whole load of walking around and eating, we stumbled across a leaflet about the above mentioned ‘Mollys Den‘!

Mollys Den Sign

It claimed to be an antique’s, vintage and retro emporium and I couldn’t wait to visit. Seeing that time was running low on opening times, I hustled my crew quickly back to the car and we were off, it was getting quite dark by this point.

Getting dark outside

Once we realised we were leaving town and driving into an industrial estate, we began to understand the claim ‘over 300 stalls’. It soon became apparent the choices would be aplenty. We saw all kinds of stalls from glassware to clothing to kids vintage toys to vintage home ware and silverware.

Everybody go surfin' I want to try that rocking horse...will I fit? Just a few books to read Full of Vintagey-ness Sitting on a park bench, laughing to myself. Isn't this easy?

There was also plenty of furniture and handmade vintage styled goods. Sadly we didn’t have time to test the cafe out, it did sound very lively during our visit.

There was a lot of China and Pottery. I was in heaven, as you well know.

Cute little bit of China Oooo stacks of china Multi-coloured China

I really liked this Aynsley teacup, shame they are always so expensive…

An Aynsley Trio

I absolutely adored this mirror but at £35 it was a little steep for me. I much prefer to find a bargain at a car boot sale or a charity shop.

Such a lovely mirror!

Just so much vintage goodness! I really liked the Shabby Chic on these bits of furniture, in particular the small stand underneath the mirror.

Shabby Chic!

How much washing do you think you could do in this?

Time to wash up

Next time, I may actually buy something…see you soon!

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3 thoughts on “Mollys Den | A Vintage Playground

  1. Looks like fun, but I agree—thrift shops are the place for wonderful discoveries. (Half the fun is the uncovering; if someone else does that work, it almost feels like cheating!)

    I was particularly interested to see the Pears’ Soap mirror. I’m in the States. My sister-in-law had a British penpal, Yvonne, in grade school in the 1960’s; they became lifelong friends, and Yvonne sent me a Pears Soap towel–a vintage reprint type thing–for a wedding gift. I put it on a dowel and hung it in the bathroom at every house I moved into…until it got lost in a move in later days. I loved the fresh-faced model in the ad!

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