Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair

Last weekend my friend Anne-Claire and I ventured out to Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair, in would you guess Saltaire, Yorkshire.

Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Victoria Hall, Saltaire

After a pretty long drive of about an hour and a half we arrived in this gorgeous little town with beautiful stone buildings and half forgotten shops.


We took a quick visit to get some much needed change and made our way to the fair, which was just Β£2 entry. These gorgeous places are expensive to hire!!! And boy was it lovely. The fair took place inside Victoria Hall, which must have been some kind of theatre hall, as it had a stage and some upper level seating. AC and I got started pretty quickly going around taking photos, taking a bit of video and just immersed ourselves into the atmosphere.

Fair 1 Fair 2

I was keen to buy something from this fair, as I’m real believer that you should support your own community. As I sell vintage homeware, I wanted to try and find something that caught my eye. Lucky for me I actually managed to find two great items and they are both now in my ownership and loving care.

Beautiful colours!

Beautiful colours!

Vintage Bag

*Taken from home!

The fair had plenty of stalls. However when I spoke to the fair organiser Caroline Brown, from Rose and Brown Vintage she told me in the summer months they would have an entirely different room open as well. So I may have to pop back, that’s if I don’t have a stall myself πŸ˜€

Alfie Robot Retro

I absolutely loved this stall, run by Jill Coulson. My vintage bag came from here, so I had tpΒ mention her and just check out her wonderful wares. She even had Hornsea and you know how much I love Hornsea.

SF10 Hornsea everywhere!!! Vintage

Sally at Curiosity

This was my other favourite stall of the day, mainly because this is where I got the beautiful knives from! Still so in love with them and everyone else does too. Such a great addition to my personal collection. Anyway she had great taste from picnic baskets, to china to French books! See for yourself…

Tea trolley SF13 China

Vintage Various

Here are some of the other photos I took…

These beautiful pearls made me think of The Little Mermaid!

These beautiful pearls made me think of The Little Mermaid!

Folding Sewing Box

Folding Sewing Box

Hand Mirror and Brush Set

From Carter and Francis –

Vintage Red Coat

I can’t remember whose this was!! Let me know if it was you!!!!

To finish off our visit, we ventured to the tearoom in the fair and I’m sad to say it was my greatest disappointment. The service seemed muddled, the food didn’t look very appetising and the tea was rather plain and tasteless. IΒ think the biggest trouble with the tearoom was that they really didn’t have the space they needed.

Tearoom 2 Tearoom 1

Overall though it was a fantastic fair and I can’t wait to go back….maybe as a stall holder…fingers crossed!

I’ll posting a video soon of the day, so I’ll link to it here when it goes live……bare with me though I still need to edit it….. πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair

  1. Looks amazing.I’ve been to Saltaire when there was no fair on.Enjoyed looking round Salts Mill though and there were a couple if vintage shops and a nice park.:)

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