My Vintage Life….

You may have noticed I have been noticeably absent for a wee while. I promise this was anything but intentional. However my life just got busy, fun, crazy, hard and most of all time consuming. My small business was the main source of this but more recently it had been do with my health and personal reasons. I moved house at the beginning of June. This has been a blessing and curse for my small business and also for blogging. No internet and so much new ‘stuff’ so to speak left me severely distracted but altogether very happy.

Now this had died down, I’m beginning to come around to getting back into the swing of things. My first step this blog post. I’m hoping to start posting once every 1-2 weeks to begin with, whilst I get my rhythm back. So I hope you’ll bare with me. Everybody needs some time to take a step back and look at things but I also think it’s great to step back and just live your life. This is what I’ve been doing and I just want to share some of journey with you in the only way I know how…cue photo montage:

tea collection

Whilst packing I sudden realised how much tea I actually owned and I was not ashamed!

old house

Packing my housemate’s flat before the big move! It was really exhausting but we had lots of boundless energy.

new house

By this point I really didn’t want to unpack but I always do it pretty quickly. Cannot bare to live in chaos 😀 Looks a lot smarter now.

new kettle

A gift from my dad for moving into the new house! We use it all the time. It does teach you a lot of patience though.

first dinne rin ne whouse

My very first dinner in the house. It was so calming and peaceful. We love to gather around our workbench table and chat with eating in between.

cup of cha with katie

Obviously a home is not a home without some tea and keen to get a lot of use out of my teapot. It’s so cute and it’s cath kidston.

done up

SO feeling pretty good right now and having been going out a bit! Enjoying it a lot whilst its all new I guess 😀

nights out

Making lots of new friends and enjoying older friendships.

afternoon tea helmsley

And of course my best friends have been visiting and we have been visiting tearooms……you knew I would be!!!

See you soon my friends! Love the vintage life and just love life.


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