Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom and Farm Shop | A Review

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have my wonderful friend Cindy visit. As she was coming a long way, I wanted to make sure we went somewhere nice but I also wanted to go somewhere new myself. Somewhere I could share with you all. After consulting some work colleagues, it was suggested I try Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom – which is just south of the North Yorkshire Moors.


And what a wonderful surprise it was! Absolute perfection. After about an hour’s journey we easily found the farm, and found the well sign posted tearoom up in the farm attic. Full of wood beams and gorgeous wooden tables. It was elegant and traditional but not in a fuddy, duddy way. We felt really comfortable.


After the shortest wait known to woman, we were seated. Both of us went for tea, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m really into Peppermint tea. So was delighted to find that they stocked Taylor’s Tea. One of my favourites.

bead5 Bead1

Unbeknownst to us originally, it was actually Yorkshire day and as such as we both decided to sample something Yorkshire themed. Cindy went for the Yorkshire Roast Beef and I went for the Yorkshire Cheese board. Here they are in their absolute delicious-ness!

bead6 bead8

Cindy got some many vegetables with her already full dinner plate, she just couldn’t manage it all. When I got mine, I was doubting whether it would fill me up. How very wrong I was. I was so absolutely stuffed that I didn’t even manage dessert – actually neither of us did. Thankfully they had a farm shop, where we were able to get a few tasty treats to take home afterwards. I even bought some fresh veg and cooking bits and pieces. It was heaven and the colours of the food looked so vibrant.

Bead4 bead13

They also had a lovely little gift shop, stocked with all the appropriate items for a farm shop i.e. lots of animal covered things!

bead 10 bead 11

Plenty of garden ware too. But in general the whole place was well designed and made you want to spend your money. Good for them, perhaps less good for my purse!

I give this place 9 out of 10. I really recommend you go if you’re ever in the North Yorkshire area.

P.S Some tasty coffee cake from the farm shop for Cindy and some tasty vintage from #emilysvintagecollection 😀

Cake on a plate


3 thoughts on “Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom and Farm Shop | A Review

  1. Mmmmm. My fiancée and I went here based on this review – thank you Emily! – and I’m thoroughly glad we did. Perfect service (always a BIG plus for me!) And delicious food. I had cauliflower and broccoli soup and a cheese scone whilst my fiancée opted for the daily hot special of bbq chicken; a much more elegant and tasty dish than we imagined! The homemade coffee cake was to die for… creamy, soaked in good coffee and a bit crunchy round the edges. We also spent far too much money in the farmshop on local produce… though the free tasters took the edge off!

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