Two Fairs, One Day | Part 2

After a morning of beautiful vintage stalls, we took ourselves off for a spot of lunch at this awesome place called Leaf…I’ll get to the next fair soon…honest. It was so funky and full of tea. I went for a delicious Eggs Royale and tried my very first iced tea – which was delicious and very colourful.

Funky restaurant in Liverpool

Funky restaurant in Liverpool

After our scrummy lunch we jumped on a train and made our way to the next fair, which was the Artisans in the Palm House in Sefton Park. It really was a glorious day and perfect for an event like this as it was 50% outside and 50% inside. The outside stalls were mainly food – anything from awesome pizza trucks to veggie falafal pittas to the more traditional burger vans. There were sweet treats, flavoured peanut butter and awesome smoothies!

Food, sun and people!

Food, sun and people!

I treated myself to some of the peanut butter from the Funky Nut Co. I picked out the Sea Salt & Honey flavour and safe to say it did not last long. There was also singing throughout the time we visited, which was played out to the entire event – this produced a very vibrant atmosphere, which people seemed to enjoy.

Singers at the Palm House

Once we’d had a good wander and a smoothie of course, we popped inside for the stall holders and their wonderful wares. These were my favourites.

Lady Liver Tea

As you well know I love all things tea, so you won’t be surprised when I say this was one of my favourite stalls. I loved her mix between affordable china gift sets and beautifully blended tea. It’s always nice to find new tea blends to try. I treated myself to a two cup trial of ‘Sublime Mint’, which was lovely. I love how the loose leaf tea looks in these jars, they would make such a lovely display in a home.

Loose Liver Tea Company

the way to blue

This next stall really caught my attention. The stall was so striking. Blue is always a colour that appeals to me, it is a colour of many depths I feel and this work was stunning. Sarah who runs the stall seemed very knowledgeable about her work but also very passionate, which I think you can see in her work. Sadly I don’t use many candles etc so most of it wasn’t suitable for me but I picked up a little card to use for a special occasion.

The Way To Blue

(If you’re interested about how she does this, there is some information on her website)

Little Miss P

Recently I became the proud auntie to a beautiful little girl called ‘Olivia’, she is such a cutie. I get to meet her for the first time next weekend. Excited doesn’t really cover it. So I have baby on the brain a bit more than usual and I think this is why Little Miss P really stood out for me. These were special individual creations and they even had matching bloomers. Really could it get any cuter? I didn’t purchase one but that may change now I’ve seem these photos again… I will let you know!

Little Miss P


And last but not least was Fudgemental. This stall was full of sweet tasting deliciousness. The stall holder was actually a friend of my friend, so we chatted a bit. Her wares were delicious and I especially enjoyed trying all the flavours. She had taster pieces of each flavour under wine glasses, which looked great. I grabbed a bag full of my beloved salted caramel, vanilla and a cheeky baileys. As expected, these didn’t last long either.


I would highly recommend this event. A wonderful day out with food, music and gifts to be purchased. I know at the moment they are trying to raise funds to help support the upkeep of this beautiful palm house. So if you are in Liverpool, why not pop down to the next one and support a heritage site?

All in all, a blissful day with my best friend, looking at all the things that I adore.


A Glorious Find | Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Look what I found…

A singer sewing machine in its box!!

A singer sewing machine in its box!!

Isn’t it just bliss…

A vintage Singer sewing machine in all its beauty!

A vintage Singer sewing machine in all its beauty!

Shame it’s for my best friend…well not for her!!

Singer Collage

She’s the one with the sewing business….

Mello 1

Next one’s mine…….Do you like old sewing machines? Let me know!

My new blog title!!

My new blog title!!

Also I’m now officially: (Does a happy little dance, please join me otherwise I’ll look very silly indeed!!)

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D’Oyly’s | A Review

An old friend and a new tearoom, what a perfect combination!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

A week or so ago, I ventured to another new tearoom. This one was actually a bit further out than I usually go, which was sometimes exactly what I need to just get away from it all.

The sticks apparently..

The sticks apparently..

The tearoom was called ‘D’Oyly’s‘, a small family run tearoom and it just oozed country kitchen charm.

Oozing charm as described!

Oozing charm as described!

On this particular trip, I was mortifyingly 20 minutes late 😮

Thankfully I received a message from my friend informing me she was safely tucked in front of a roaring fire. Excellent news. Once I arrived I was blown away with the charm of the place, from the wreath on the door, the roaring fire, the plates on the shelf and the Royal Albert china on the table. Absolutely wonderful.

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

We both decided to sample the afternoon tea menu, as it was only £9.95. A bargain. When it arrived, we quite surprised to find mini scones instead of the usual giant scones you get but after consuming all the food it turned out the petite scones were just perfect. And instead of feeling overstuffed and ridiculously decadent, we felt satisfied and happy.

O 5

O 6

Sorry about some of these pictures, I didn’t want to disturb the other guests too much with my flash and thus my photos aren’t the best!

A win all around I think! The place had some absolutely beautiful decorations and just felt so homely. I loved this little white tree…

O 3

Best photo of the day!

…and my friend adored this tree (it had lots of sparkly lights in it, if you can’t tell!).

O 14

Overall I give this tearoom a 9 out of 10 and only 1 down because I would have preferred a more vintage looking cake stand!

This tearoom is well worth a visit, if you are ever in the area of Yorkshire (UK). It even has a B&B attached to it.

O 1

This Apple Pie was delicious!

P.S If you go, make sure you visit the bathroom and let me know what you think of what’s in there!

Madhatters and Thea Caffea | A Double Guest Tearoom Review

Many thanks to my best friend Natalie for writing my first guest post on this blog. In this post she reviews two of Nottingham’s finest tearooms. I hope you enjoy her thoughts:

It’s become somewhat of a ritual that whenever I venture North to Nottingham to visit the other half I travel to Kimberley Saturday morning to meet him after he finishes work. And what better place to meet him than in a tea shop. It can found on the high street and is called ‘Madhatters‘. As you can guess from the name, it has a slight Alice in Wonderland theme to it.

Nat 1 Nat 2It is such a sweet little place, with tables tucked away all around and all available space is filled with some kind of decoration. You would think this would make it really cramped but it’s actually quite lovely. I am a creature of habit so I have the same thing every time – Pumpkin Spice Latte and a slice of white chocolate and orange cake. What I like the most about this place is if you see the size of cake and think you can’t manage it all, you can just have half a slice at half the cost. Perfect for when you’re just craving a little bit of sweetness.

I must admit, I am a bit of a cake snob, but there is nothing I can say to fault this cake. It has never been served dry and it isn’t overly sweet. There is only a hint of orange to it to give it a bit of a kick. Absolutely delicious.

Nat 3From February this beautiful tea shop will be moving down the road to take up residence in a vintage china shop called Alice’s. Personally I think this will be a dangerous combination, as all my vices will be under one roof – pretty china and delicious cake. It’s a good thing I only make one trip per two weeks.

So my last weekend in Nottingham I got a bit spoiled. Not only was I at Madhatters Saturday morning, but Sunday afternoon I stopped in another tea shop the boy found called ‘Thea Caffea‘. It is tucked away along a back street in Nottingham and Nottingham confuses me at the best of times, so there is no way I would be able to find this place again without some guidance.

Nat 4This tea shop was very much an old fashioned tea shop, with the waitresses wearing black with white pinafores. Delightful is the only word I can find to describe this place.

Since it was the afternoon when we visited we thought it only right to sample a cream tea, with a pot of tea, two scones, jam and clotted cream. The jam and cream came in little bowls (there is nothing worse than having to open a container up as you just know it’s not fresh) and it was all served on a cake plate. I had never thought of this before, but it was a really lovely thing to do. My only criticism was that the tea pot we were given had a chip in the spout and so there was a bit of a tea-tastrophy.

Nat 5Unfortunately I was not dressed for the occasion, and was rocking a Doctor Who shirt. I stood out in the tea room. By the door there was a cabinet with lots of china sets in it, but as we turned up late we were not able to look around properly. If I can ever find this place again I would definitely go back in, even the center piece was a matching cup and saucer with a flower in (anyone that knows me will understand my disinterest china that doesn’t match!). A perfect weekend!

Nat 6Thanks for reading my friend’s guest post 😀

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A Little Holibob Trip to Newcastle | A Tearoom, Old Patterns and Funky Teacups

So the fun continued and I traveled on from Liverpool to Newcastle (under-lyme). This is actually right next to Stoke-on-Trent, which is known as ‘The Potteries’. Yes, I know eeek for fellow pottery/china lovers. For everyone normal (haha), this is the place where many of the major English pottery companies were born, such as Wedgwood, Aynsley and Spode. As you can imagine, especially with where we were, I took a lot of photos and therefore have come to the conclusion that I have far too much for one blog post alone. So I shall be sharing the love across a number of posts over the next few weeks. Today I will cover our visit to a local vintage tearoom. Tales of the pottery museum, the pottery factory shops and the Wedgwood museum will come soon.

I was visiting my friend Katie and Natalie came to join us too, which made us the perfect vintage china appreciating trio. As you know, any weekend away for me is not complete without visiting a Vintage Tearoom and Katie did not let us down. She took us to a little place called Baileys, formerly known as the Green Room Vintage Tearoom.

nul 1 nul 3

This time I ordered a panini and an earl grey tea. The china in which my tea was served was so lovely. It just made my day. I know it sounds so corny, but I take no greater pleasure in drinking tea, than when I do drinking it from a gorgeous little china teacup.

nul 10

It also came out with this over-sized tea strainer or maybe it’s a tiny sieve? What do you reckon?

nul 2

The tea was a lovely fresh leaf tea, which is always a favourite of mine and put them in my very good books. I also noticed that my friend was using a very familiar looking teapot. Turns out, I think we had this pattern on a few plates whilst I was growing up.

nul 9

The food was pretty good, nothing outstanding but their pièce de résistance was their banoffee pie. I couldn’t finish it, as it was so sweet and I was very full. So it was good that I had a cake lover to hand (Natalie) to finish it off for me.

nul 5nul 6

After the tearoom we popped along to a local vintage shop, quite unlike most of the ones I’ve ventured into before. This one was more of an antiques and accessories vintage place but all the same it was good to explore.

nil 12 nul 4 nul 7 nul 13

After the vintage shop we popped into a bit of unique looking store and I found these beauties. A little pricey for me but I thought you might want to see them.

nul 8

I also found a a lovely vintage china set in one of the local charity shops but I want to show you them with some other china.

My favourite buy of the whole weekend was a Royal Albert Vintage Lamp. It doesn’t actually work anymore, so I’m going to have to get it re-wired and buy a new lampshade for it but I thought it would work perfectly in my room make-over. Yes, you heard me. I’m doing my room up and vintage-ifying it. I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve got so many ideas brimming over in my head. I’ve started pinning a few things on my Pinterest board; so check it out if you want to see some of the crazy twirly whirlings of my head.

I will be posting some amazing pottery museum stuff soon. I was amazed, fascinated, grossed out and in-awe.

Liverpool Holibobs | Wicked, Vintage and D.I.Y Burritos

I’m in Liverpool…again!

I often visit, as my best friend lives here and obviously I want to see her a lot. A few months ago we heard the musical ‘Wicked’ would be going to Liverpool and Sarah was desperate to see it! I love it so much, so really it was really a no brainer that we should go. Her housemate even got in on the action and we book all our tickets. They weren’t exactly cheap, about £40 but it was well worth it and I decided I should make a bit of a holiday of it. I arranged to stay a few days in Liverpool, and then after to go on to see another friend, down near Stoke-on-Trent.

We had a really great day leading up to the fantastic finale of seeing Wicked. A delicious lunch, followed by a few vintage shops. My perfect kind of holiday!

Lunch was in a place called ‘MelloMello‘. I think I may have mentioned this place before but here are some pictures anyway. They have a great vintage style decor in the place and even have a stage!

mello 12 mello 11 mello 10      mello 9 mello 6         mello 5 mello 4        mello 3 mello 2      Mello 1

They do loads of vegetarian food too, I absolutely love it. Sarah and I both had these D.I.Y burritos! Too much food though, so we didn’t end up eating dinner til really late. Oops!

mello 7

Once we left we ventured to the more unique shops of Liverpool, you know how much I’m loving Vintage right now!! We first ventured to a place called ‘Little Red Vintage‘. This place had a nice feel to it, again another shop that was presented well. It had clear clothing sections and lovely decor.

LRV 11    LRV 1     LRV 8 LRV 7 LRV 6 LRV 5 LRV 4 LRV 3

I couldn’t find anything I really liked clothes wise but I am on the lookout for a vintage suit. I saw someone else posted about a gorgeous one that had found and I just can’t forget about it. It was such a stylish statement piece. I will keep endeavouring though. I really liked this pink one but it wasn’t in my size.


Sarah and I found these sweet necklaces and we just had to have them. One each of course!

LRV  14

Next we went onto ‘Pop‘ vintage. We were hoping to visit their new bigger store but it wasn’t quite ready yet. So we just popped into their smaller store that is still open. I really liked it in this place, another neatly organised shop but it had such a good ‘vibe’. Here are a few pics, again I didn’t buy anything from here but Sarah did. Lovely pair of patterned trousers and vintage white blouse.


So after all this shopping and food, we had to make a quick shufty back to sarah’s house to get ready for the big show. It was so good. I’ve seen Wicked before and it never disappoints. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Here is my outfit for the night and outside of the theatre!

wixked wicked 2

That’s our day and it was so good, I even took some video. So I’ll be posting it sometime soon. Will add it on here when I do!

I’m off to some of the potteries, tearooms and a night out with my other friend this weekend. So I think I may do another post this weekend. Just had too much to tell you to wait.

Drewton’s | Country Farm Tearoom of Excellence

One of my best friends came home for a visit, so I of course dragged her out to a tearoom! She suggested we visited Drewton’s, a country estate with a kitchen tearoom. It was fantastic and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

dr sign

drewtons kitchen

We were really lucky and managed to get a table straight away. I ordered a cup of Earl Grey tea and a nice cheese and chutney sandwich. My friend also ordered tea but she had a breakfast muffin. The tea was lovely, I took a look at the label and saw that it was actually Taylor’s of Harrogate. Which I really like, so they were already in my good books with their good taste.

DR Teacup

Our food came out fairly quickly and tasted gorgeous.

dr cheese sarnie dr baconThe tearoom had all sorts of little cute additions, that made it really perfect.

dr ketchup dr flowers

Once we had finished our lovely food, we took a quick stroll around the attached farm shop which only stocked local produce from under 50 miles around and also a little shop full of vintage bits.

dr shop dr cartwrights

dr wheelbarrow dr teacup candle dr shopp

I noticed they also stocked the tea they had served us in the cafe, so I treated myself to a box. You never know when you’ll need more….aka always!

dr taylors tea

All the cake on this cake bar looked fantastically tasty but unfortunately we didn’t have any. Maybe next time eh? Got to go back to try their afternoon tea though as it looked amazing.

dr cake bar

This tearoom got 4.5*. It had great service, great food and an excellent location! A must try.