The Tenth Hole | A Review

Another weekend, another trip away!

This time I ventured all the way down south to the Portsmouth area. I’ve got friends and family down there, so it’s well worth the 5 hour drive but maybe not every weekend ehh!

Here’s a small glimpse of all the wonderfullness to come in this blog post 😀

montage tenth hole

As usual I was eager to try new tearooms and had a few on my list for this trip. My friend and I planned a full day in Portsmouth. We wanted to have a good scout around all the shops, as well as to pop across to Southsea. Both my friend and my sister-in-law to be suggested we try ‘The Tenth Hole‘ – a little tearoom attached to a golf course that apparently served not only great food but scrumptious cake too. Well obviously we had to try it and thus walked the 2.2 miles to Southsea. Yes, we were pretty hungry by the time we arrived.

After a small wait outside the front, we were seated in the side conservatory. Until I popped to the loo about 10 minutes in, I didn’t realise that most of the seating was either outside or in similar conservatory type areas. The whole feel was golf inspired but didn’t take it too far. Such as rope decorations with a bluey/sea green colour painted on the walls. The place had a beach hut type feel with a perfect cafe twist. It was great.

Drinks were the first order of business. My friend went for the hot choccy as usual with extras :p

tenth 3

I decided to go for the usual tea but opted for peppermint, as I’m really keen on this flavour at the moment. And amazingly it came in this enamel teapot. How awesome is this!!!!

tenth 1

After a short perusal of the menu, we both decided to have the special we had being eyeing up whilst in the queue. This was a filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, butternut squash and olives on a bed of rocket. Then just to ensure we weren’t being too healthy we shared a little blue enamel tub of sweet potato wedges.

filo pastry

A couple of bits I absolutely loved in this place was the fact they had a Kilner jar full of water, so you could just grab a glass and I adored the paint dipped chairs.

tenth hole

Unfortunately my phone battery died at this point. So I was unable to take photos of the puddings we had but let me tell you they were absolutely delicious!!! I tried the banoffee pie and my friend had the strawberry meringue cake. Really delicious, totally worth going just for the cake 😀

Overall I give this tearoom 9 out of 10!!


Betty’s Afternoon Tea | A Review

Divine, Magical, Sublime, Sensual, Rich……

Top Banner

So many words, so many tastes……the Betty’s Afternoon Tea was the perfect Birthday Treat and I’m here to tell you why!

First of all I went with my sister, who took me for my Birthday lunch out which was pretty special in itself. I’ve been to Betty’s in York many times but I’ve never tried the Afternoon Tea. Has to be for a special occasion, don’t you think?

Afternoon Tea

The first major choice was what kind of tea.

Silver Tea Service

Surprise, surprise I went for Earl Grey and my sister had the Betty’s Breakfast blend.

Tea pre-milk

The standard Afternoon Tea comes with the following sandwich selection:

Prawn Marie Rose & Oak Roast Salmon, Roast Yorkshire Ham & Mustard and Coronation Chicken and Free Range Egg-Mayonnaise & Cress.

My sister had all of them but me the fussy eater, just asked for Smoked Salmon sandwiches and they were more than happy to accommodate me. So I was a very happy bunny. We were quite naughty as well and ordered our favourite pikelets (basically flat crumpets – you must try them!).

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches Pikelets

Next the Afternoon Tea comes with:

Freshly baked Sultana Scone with Strawberry Preserve and Yorkshire Clotted Cream.

Sultana Scone

Soo tasty!
The scones were delightful. I found them slightly heavier than my usual scone but I think it was because they were sultana scones. I was hoping for them to be warmed but sadly not.

Great scones though, really fresh and moist. All of the food is cooked every day by Betty’s, which just added to the wonderful taste. I only managed half of mine, as I wanted to fit in all my cakes 😀

cream on top of jam

The last part of the Afternoon Tea is:

A selection of Handmade Cakes

We were given three cakes – a small raspberry custard tart, a brownie and a macaroon!

Selection of Cakes

The brownie was so sweet and heavy. Neither of us could actually finish this first cake. It did taste better when I put it with some of the raspberries but I’m not sure it’s the best type of cake for an Afternoon Tea.


The macaroon was made to perfection…light, airy and sweet.


The final cake, and my favourite, was the raspberry tart. I love anything with a bit of custard/cream type filling. The pastry was sweet and hard/soft (stood up well but just crumbled when you bit into it). The raspberries were delicious.

(Sadly I ate this so quickly I didn’t have time for a photo of it…oh well in my tummy)

The whole presentation of the Afternoon Tea was just incredible. Silver service just adds an air of sophistication and special-ness!

Cutlery pre-afternoon tes

Overall this afternoon tea really deserves a 10 out of 10! Can’t fault it (except my warm scone niggle). If you ever visit a Betty’s, you really must must try the afternoon tea 😀

I couldn’t leave the shop without buying a little something and shock horror it isn’t Earl Grey 😀

Betty's Everyday Blend

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Another day, another tea shop….


My close friends visited at the weekend and I took them to the local vintage tea shop: The Wellwalk Tearooms.

We decided to go for the afternoon tea menu, which included a pot of tea, sandwiches, a homemade scone with jam and cream, some cakes and some smaller treats. All for £12. An absolute bargain I think.

My friends really enjoyed it and here are a few more photos to prove it 🙂



Well worth a visit!

Did I mention the delicious macaroons?


Tata for now
Em x