Two Fairs, One Day | Part 2

After a morning of beautiful vintage stalls, we took ourselves off for a spot of lunch at this awesome place called Leaf…I’ll get to the next fair soon…honest. It was so funky and full of tea. I went for a delicious Eggs Royale and tried my very first iced tea – which was delicious and very colourful.

Funky restaurant in Liverpool

Funky restaurant in Liverpool

After our scrummy lunch we jumped on a train and made our way to the next fair, which was the Artisans in the Palm House in Sefton Park. It really was a glorious day and perfect for an event like this as it was 50% outside and 50% inside. The outside stalls were mainly food – anything from awesome pizza trucks to veggie falafal pittas to the more traditional burger vans. There were sweet treats, flavoured peanut butter and awesome smoothies!

Food, sun and people!

Food, sun and people!

I treated myself to some of the peanut butter from the Funky Nut Co. I picked out the Sea Salt & Honey flavour and safe to say it did not last long. There was also singing throughout the time we visited, which was played out to the entire event – this produced a very vibrant atmosphere, which people seemed to enjoy.

Singers at the Palm House

Once we’d had a good wander and a smoothie of course, we popped inside for the stall holders and their wonderful wares. These were my favourites.

Lady Liver Tea

As you well know I love all things tea, so you won’t be surprised when I say this was one of my favourite stalls. I loved her mix between affordable china gift sets and beautifully blended tea. It’s always nice to find new tea blends to try. I treated myself to a two cup trial of ‘Sublime Mint’, which was lovely. I love how the loose leaf tea looks in these jars, they would make such a lovely display in a home.

Loose Liver Tea Company

the way to blue

This next stall really caught my attention. The stall was so striking. Blue is always a colour that appeals to me, it is a colour of many depths I feel and this work was stunning. Sarah who runs the stall seemed very knowledgeable about her work but also very passionate, which I think you can see in her work. Sadly I don’t use many candles etc so most of it wasn’t suitable for me but I picked up a little card to use for a special occasion.

The Way To Blue

(If you’re interested about how she does this, there is some information on her website)

Little Miss P

Recently I became the proud auntie to a beautiful little girl called ‘Olivia’, she is such a cutie. I get to meet her for the first time next weekend. Excited doesn’t really cover it. So I have baby on the brain a bit more than usual and I think this is why Little Miss P really stood out for me. These were special individual creations and they even had matching bloomers. Really could it get any cuter? I didn’t purchase one but that may change now I’ve seem these photos again… I will let you know!

Little Miss P


And last but not least was Fudgemental. This stall was full of sweet tasting deliciousness. The stall holder was actually a friend of my friend, so we chatted a bit. Her wares were delicious and I especially enjoyed trying all the flavours. She had taster pieces of each flavour under wine glasses, which looked great. I grabbed a bag full of my beloved salted caramel, vanilla and a cheeky baileys. As expected, these didn’t last long either.


I would highly recommend this event. A wonderful day out with food, music and gifts to be purchased. I know at the moment they are trying to raise funds to help support the upkeep of this beautiful palm house. So if you are in Liverpool, why not pop down to the next one and support a heritage site?

All in all, a blissful day with my best friend, looking at all the things that I adore.


My Fair Christmas Faire | Mulled Wine Aplenty

Yesterday we ventured out into the cold to visit our local Christmas Fair! It was surprisingly well attended with plenty of stalls. All the local shops were open and there were plenty of people milling about. Funnily enough though, it seemed like we couldn’t go ten steps before we bumped into someone we knew. It was such a nice to feeling to be so at home in a small town. It must be how the Gilmore girls felt (inside joke)!

My friend from the ‘White Cherry Bakery’ (I’ve mentioned her before in this post!) was there and has a stall full of delicious looking baked goods. My sister and I couldn’t help ourselves, so we purchased a few bits and boy did they taste good!

The White Cherry Bakery - yummy as ever!

The White Cherry Bakery – yummy as ever!

Our favourite stall of the evening was called ‘Felt Hoppy‘. She made beautiful needlefelt animals and other items. I took so many photos!

PCF 6 PCF 1I really loved her work and these guys were just so adorable!


I loved these felt pillows she has made. I really like the idea of stag theme around my new room i.e. on the curtains, on my duvet cover….perhaps on a nice looking pillow. What do you think?

PCF Banner
Every shop we went in to seemed to try to give us something mince pies, chocolate or one of my favourites, Mulled Wine. No complaints really, yum!

PCF 8And just to be Chrismassy I took a snap of the town Christmas tree. Right bring on the mulled wine season I say…sorry I mean festive season….

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Toxic Noodle Designs @ Capstan’s Bazaar Liverpool


Today I am helping my best friend on her craft fair stall. She makes handmade tote bags, keyrings, brooches and best of all, handmade plush replica animals of peoples pets! Very good present idea.

She has been working hard on her new company and it is really starting to take off. Just shows how hard work can pay off.

Here is her facebook page if you’re interested in seeing more of her work;

Her email is
That’s all for now. Em xx