The Tea Room | A Review

A few weeks ago I visited my brother and my sister-in-law to be for her baby shower! Yes I will be an auntie very shortly! Very exciting!!

TR Banner

Much to my delight I was taken to a lovely vintage tearoom whilst I was there! The tearoom is question was the aptly named ‘The Tea Room’, couldn’t be more to the point really. They don’t seem to have much of a web presence, well none that I can locate but here are their details on Facebook for you anyway.

I really enjoyed this little tearoom. My sister-in-law to be (well she’s called Laura, so let’s call her Laura from now on…ok?). Laura booked us in for a lunchtime shot. So there was my sister, my brother, Laura and her mother and me……quite a big table of people. Thank goodness she booked, as it was very busy by the time we got there at 1pm. Always a good sign though I say. The decor was lovely and very much up my street. Vintage chic, old tables, pretty decorations, big mirrors you know what I like!

After a lovely afternoon tea at the baby shower, I wasn’t quite ready for another. So I opted for the toasted Tuna, Cheese and Onion Toastie. Yum!

Cheese/Tuna Toastie

This next bit of information may be a shock to you all but I actually ordered Peppermint Tea 😮 I know what a traitor to the beloved Early Grey. But on the bright side, they did delight me by supplying loose leaf tea. Always a Yes for me. Why would I want a teabag when that is so easy for me to do at home? What are your thoughts on this? #Teabag or #LooseLeaf

TR 1 TR 5 TR 6 TR 4

     TR 9

And it was lovely 😀 The best part it all came out on fine bone china. My teacup as you might be able to guess (if you’re china fantatic like me) was a Colclough teacup.

One of my favourites.

TR 7

I even treated myself to this little beauty above. The bathroom was another delight…

TR 11Everyone demolished their food pretty quickly and we got the bill which was very well priced for by the sea.

TR 10

I give this tearoom a strong 8.5 out of 10!

A great experience, service was great, prices were very affordable, decor cute and appropriate, loose leaf tea was brilliant and everyone at my table went home very happy.


The Ramblers Rest | A Review

Every so often I arrange to have a tearoom lunch with my Aunt and Uncle. Thankfully they both have the same appreciation for visiting tearooms as I, so we try to go somewhere new each time. This time is was The Ramblers Rest – Millington, East Yorkshire.

RR 12

RR 10 RR 11

The trip was long overdue as we had been hoping to go early  in the year but some recent events delayed our visit. So this place is really near my home, so of course I got lost because I stupidly believed I didn’t need to look at a map properly before I left. I eventually arrived half an hour late. My poor family!

RR 1

As soon as I arrived, I ordered an early grey to relieve the stress of being lost. The tearoom is set out in a small village, near some woods. So many walkers and cyclists frequent this venue.

Good tea but the teapot was quite short, so therefore was difficult to pour and I spilt some onto the table. (not my fault obviously :p). After a bit of catching up, I decided on some sauteed veggies with goats cheese and red onion marmalade on a bloomer with salad and coleslaw. It was delicious. It was made fresh and you could really tell. My aunt had the vegetable soup and my uncle bacon and brie…I think..oh dear…perhaps some pictures here will help:

RR 7 RR 3 RR 6

How much butter does someone need for one roll?

RR 9

Even though lunch was super filling, my aunt and I decided to both go for some cake. My choice was the ramblers retreat bakewell cake with custard and my aunt had the Victoria sponge. The portions was huge and absolutely mouthwateringly tasty. I just couldn’t finish it all.

RR 8

RR 5

The tearoom had a very country feel to it, with lots of wood furniture and homely touches. There was even a fireplace, unfortunately all my pictures of it are a bit blurry but here a few of the tearoom.

RR 14

RR 13 RR 4

I give this place 8 out of 10!

The tearoom was well done, the bathrooms were ace, the service was generally good (though a little slow at points), the food was amazing and the company fantastic.

More tearoom reviews to come soon.

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York Does Vintage!

Last weekend my sister, my boyfriend and I ventured to a vintage fair in York. I’m really falling in love with doing these kinds of things. It’s always a such a nice adventure.

This time we went to the ever-growing ‘York Does Vintage‘ Fair. This small company runs a number of Vintage Fairs across the north of the country, such as Leeds Does Vintage and Newcastle Does Vintage (not sure how far south of the UK they go!). Each time I go they seem to get a better and better turn out. I think running a vintage fair regularly in the same place is a great way to establish yourself and makes you seem much more reliable.

We had a good turn about the place. However as my boyfriend was with me, I didn’t rummage as much as I normally would have. Maybe a good thing, as it probably stopped us spending lots of money! 😀

YDV 1 random 2 random 1

Here are a few of my favourite stalls that I got the details from and of course some photos. You know how I love photos!

Vintage and Rose

We really loved this little stall. It had some great pieces but what really caught our eye was this really beautiful Yellow Teacup Set, which came with four trios AND four additional sandwich plates! We were trying to figure out what they should be called, ‘Quartets?’.

Does anyone know the real name for them?

vintage and rose 1 yellow yellow 2Miss Maude Makes

I absolutely adored Miss Maude Makes! She creates all these vintage inspired dresses and skirts but uses really modern and funky patterns. Something a little different but very traditional. I also think the prices are really affordable, About £28 per dress! Hopefully next time, if I find one I really like I may be able to splurge a little. (Facebook)

mmm 1 mmm 2


This little business makes the cutest jewellery, inspired by doll houses and musical instruments! Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos but here is one to give you an idea.

Please do check them out, especially if you know someone that plays an instrument. They have the cutest instrument necklaces! (Facebook)


Ayesha’s Handmade Crafts

I loved this little stall. It had such a variety of products and similarly seemed to have a good range of prices. I think this is really essential for a stall. If someone can’t afford your big/main product, you need to make available to them something they can afford but that still captures the essence of your business. I spotted two cute little tins and thought they would be perfect for all my hair bobbles. An absolute steal at 50p a tin 😀 Made my day. (Sorry no photo 😦 )


So another successful trip out. Looking forward to their next one in November. Check it out or see if there is one closer to you?

Blog soon. Got so much to show you!

The Earl Grey Tearooms | A Disappointed Emily

It was recently a bank holiday in the UK. This meant a lot of people got the day off work including me (woo) and thankfully so did my sister. She suggested we do something together and as always, I suggested we go to a tearoom.

My idea was to visit the nicely named ‘The Earl Grey Tearooms‘ in York. This tearoom is actually located along the famous York street ‘The Shambles‘, so I had quite high expectations for this place.

This tearoom has a really nice exterior (see banner photo), though all the shop fronts down the shambles are  protected from changes due to their age, so I’m not sure they can take all the credit!

They have quite a homely tearoom decor, which I rather liked.

fridge dresser 2 dresser 1

My sister and I were joined at the Tearoom by one of our friends, who doesn’t visit often, which was nice.

We were seated fairly quickly but were shocked to find ourselves still waiting to order a mere 30 minutes later. And when the waitress did come up, she then took the order from a table who had arrived after us. We couldn’t believe it! By this time, we were hungry, annoyed but really short of time, so we had to stick it out. My sister and I both ordered afternoon tea, and our friend ordered a scone and hot chocolate.

Our drinks arrived fairly promptly and to be fair the hot chocolate looked scrummy but just take a look at that strainer cup…plastic?!?!? What on earth are they thinking? I may be a bit traditional at times when it comes to my afternoon tea, but are they trying to make me never come again? It looks like it came from a hospital. I was very sad to see this at my table


hot choccy


So moving on, next came out the afternoon tea stands and to be fair the food was pretty good. I liked the basic sandwiches, nothing too fancy but really wholesome. The scones was delicious, especially with the jam and clotted cream (apparently some people have whipped cream…who are you people? We need to discuss this…maybe get you some therapy :p) and we each had a delicious looking cake on top.

egtr 1 egrm 2

Here’s a big question for you, how do you like your scone?

jam ontop 2

Jam on Top or….

cream ontop

Clotted Cream on Top?

Let me know which you prefer!

The service was very poor in this place and I felt really let down by it. Overall I give this place 2* but only because the food made up for the poor service a bit. It’s not somewhere I would recommend but as always, I highly suggest you try it out for yourself 😀

Another tearoom review soon and boy was it a whole different experience!!