The Tenth Hole | A Review

Another weekend, another trip away!

This time I ventured all the way down south to the Portsmouth area. I’ve got friends and family down there, so it’s well worth the 5 hour drive but maybe not every weekend ehh!

Here’s a small glimpse of all the wonderfullness to come in this blog post 😀

montage tenth hole

As usual I was eager to try new tearooms and had a few on my list for this trip. My friend and I planned a full day in Portsmouth. We wanted to have a good scout around all the shops, as well as to pop across to Southsea. Both my friend and my sister-in-law to be suggested we try ‘The Tenth Hole‘ – a little tearoom attached to a golf course that apparently served not only great food but scrumptious cake too. Well obviously we had to try it and thus walked the 2.2 miles to Southsea. Yes, we were pretty hungry by the time we arrived.

After a small wait outside the front, we were seated in the side conservatory. Until I popped to the loo about 10 minutes in, I didn’t realise that most of the seating was either outside or in similar conservatory type areas. The whole feel was golf inspired but didn’t take it too far. Such as rope decorations with a bluey/sea green colour painted on the walls. The place had a beach hut type feel with a perfect cafe twist. It was great.

Drinks were the first order of business. My friend went for the hot choccy as usual with extras :p

tenth 3

I decided to go for the usual tea but opted for peppermint, as I’m really keen on this flavour at the moment. And amazingly it came in this enamel teapot. How awesome is this!!!!

tenth 1

After a short perusal of the menu, we both decided to have the special we had being eyeing up whilst in the queue. This was a filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, butternut squash and olives on a bed of rocket. Then just to ensure we weren’t being too healthy we shared a little blue enamel tub of sweet potato wedges.

filo pastry

A couple of bits I absolutely loved in this place was the fact they had a Kilner jar full of water, so you could just grab a glass and I adored the paint dipped chairs.

tenth hole

Unfortunately my phone battery died at this point. So I was unable to take photos of the puddings we had but let me tell you they were absolutely delicious!!! I tried the banoffee pie and my friend had the strawberry meringue cake. Really delicious, totally worth going just for the cake 😀

Overall I give this tearoom 9 out of 10!!


Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom and Farm Shop | A Review

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have my wonderful friend Cindy visit. As she was coming a long way, I wanted to make sure we went somewhere nice but I also wanted to go somewhere new myself. Somewhere I could share with you all. After consulting some work colleagues, it was suggested I try Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom – which is just south of the North Yorkshire Moors.


And what a wonderful surprise it was! Absolute perfection. After about an hour’s journey we easily found the farm, and found the well sign posted tearoom up in the farm attic. Full of wood beams and gorgeous wooden tables. It was elegant and traditional but not in a fuddy, duddy way. We felt really comfortable.


After the shortest wait known to woman, we were seated. Both of us went for tea, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m really into Peppermint tea. So was delighted to find that they stocked Taylor’s Tea. One of my favourites.

bead5 Bead1

Unbeknownst to us originally, it was actually Yorkshire day and as such as we both decided to sample something Yorkshire themed. Cindy went for the Yorkshire Roast Beef and I went for the Yorkshire Cheese board. Here they are in their absolute delicious-ness!

bead6 bead8

Cindy got some many vegetables with her already full dinner plate, she just couldn’t manage it all. When I got mine, I was doubting whether it would fill me up. How very wrong I was. I was so absolutely stuffed that I didn’t even manage dessert – actually neither of us did. Thankfully they had a farm shop, where we were able to get a few tasty treats to take home afterwards. I even bought some fresh veg and cooking bits and pieces. It was heaven and the colours of the food looked so vibrant.

Bead4 bead13

They also had a lovely little gift shop, stocked with all the appropriate items for a farm shop i.e. lots of animal covered things!

bead 10 bead 11

Plenty of garden ware too. But in general the whole place was well designed and made you want to spend your money. Good for them, perhaps less good for my purse!

I give this place 9 out of 10. I really recommend you go if you’re ever in the North Yorkshire area.

P.S Some tasty coffee cake from the farm shop for Cindy and some tasty vintage from #emilysvintagecollection 😀

Cake on a plate

Emma Bridgewater | So Many Beautiful Mugs

My second to last holibob tale features the one and only ‘Emma Bridgewater‘.

EB 12

It was quite a mission to find it because, as we found with the other places in the potteries, they seemed to be in the strangest of places. I loved it.

Just take a look at this place, it’s absolutely beautiful. A very simplistic style ran through the whole place. What do you think?

EB 11 EB 8

I was really looking forward to looking around this factory shop. I’ve been a big admirer of Bridgewater pottery for a long time and I thought it would be the perfect time to pick up a piece of Bridgewater pottery at a slightly more affordable price. My aunt and grandmother both have Bridgewater at home, so it’s nice to finally be part of that club.

EB 9

There was just so much beautiful pottery and this was just their leftovers. This kind of pottery is called ‘Seconds’, simply put this is all the pottery that didn’t quite pass their quality checks and is sold off a bit cheaper. I couldn’t pick a favourite pattern but I fell in love with a marmalade mug and was also lucky enough to be bought an early Christmas gift of a pottery milk bottle.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the shop:

EB 1

EB 3

EB 4

EB 5 EB 6

EB 7

My friend Katie admiring all the lovely pots and mugs.

Once we’d had a good mosey about the shop, we decided we couldn’t leave the site without a quick pop into the cafe.

EB 10

As I hadn’t had breakfast I decided to have a quick bite to eat as well and chose the soup. It was a lovely leek and potato soup, which tasted really fresh and came with a hot roll. It was delightful. I also of course ordered a cup of early grey. Cool teapot ehh. Best thing about trying out the tearoom in a factory shop, you know what you’ll be getting your tea in 😀

EB 14

EB 17

EB 16

The cafe also had some amazing show pieces with Bridgewater patterns on everyday items, it looked fantastic! See my cover photo for the full effect.

EB 15

Our last point of call in our visit was to go through the ‘gift’ shop, where all the first pottery pieces lived and all the extra bits and pieces! It was glorious.

EB 19 EB 18

I rather admired this pillow pattern but unfortunately it was a bit out of my price range. The blend of colours seemed just right. I think I’m quite attached to the mulberry colour and fruit patterns at the moment. The blue in this pattern definitely would look right at home in my up coming room makeover. Maybe one day ehh!

EB 20

I also picked up this lovely diary from the Bridgewater shop, which features 12 of the different Bridgewater patterns, one for each month. A nice way to get all the patterns without spending a fortune.

EB 23

Once we left the Bridgewater Factory Shop, we took a trip to the Wedgwood Museum but I’ll tell you all about that in another post.

This place was a great morning out, obviously especially nice if you’re a big pottery fan like me. I feel Emma Bridgewater has done a fantastic job is opening up the pottery industry to a whole new audience and I will like her stuff for years to come. Have you got any Bridgewater pieces?