Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom and Farm Shop | A Review

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have my wonderful friend Cindy visit. As she was coming a long way, I wanted to make sure we went somewhere nice but I also wanted to go somewhere new myself. Somewhere I could share with you all. After consulting some work colleagues, it was suggested I try Beadlam Grange Farm Tearoom – which is just south of the North Yorkshire Moors.


And what a wonderful surprise it was! Absolute perfection. After about an hour’s journey we easily found the farm, and found the well sign posted tearoom up in the farm attic. Full of wood beams and gorgeous wooden tables. It was elegant and traditional but not in a fuddy, duddy way. We felt really comfortable.


After the shortest wait known to woman, we were seated. Both of us went for tea, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m really into Peppermint tea. So was delighted to find that they stocked Taylor’s Tea. One of my favourites.

bead5 Bead1

Unbeknownst to us originally, it was actually Yorkshire day and as such as we both decided to sample something Yorkshire themed. Cindy went for the Yorkshire Roast Beef and I went for the Yorkshire Cheese board. Here they are in their absolute delicious-ness!

bead6 bead8

Cindy got some many vegetables with her already full dinner plate, she just couldn’t manage it all. When I got mine, I was doubting whether it would fill me up. How very wrong I was. I was so absolutely stuffed that I didn’t even manage dessert – actually neither of us did. Thankfully they had a farm shop, where we were able to get a few tasty treats to take home afterwards. I even bought some fresh veg and cooking bits and pieces. It was heaven and the colours of the food looked so vibrant.

Bead4 bead13

They also had a lovely little gift shop, stocked with all the appropriate items for a farm shop i.e. lots of animal covered things!

bead 10 bead 11

Plenty of garden ware too. But in general the whole place was well designed and made you want to spend your money. Good for them, perhaps less good for my purse!

I give this place 9 out of 10. I really recommend you go if you’re ever in the North Yorkshire area.

P.S Some tasty coffee cake from the farm shop for Cindy and some tasty vintage from #emilysvintagecollection 😀

Cake on a plate


Dulcie Butterfly | A Review

A few months ago a twitter friend and I ventured to a little tearoom in Boston Spa called ‘Dulcie Butterfly‘. This tearoom actually does a few things including flowers and wedding photography. So a really array of offerings.

DB 1

Obviously we were there for the tea. On first impressions the small tearoom seemed very small and fairly cramped, but as we guided to our little table it seemed to add to the charm and the tables weren’t too close together, which is always a positive to me. The service was slightly slow at some points but forgivable due it being very busy.

We of course had Tea and it came in these cute teacups. You know I do love a good teacup. 😀

DB 6

Look at this crazy amazing chandelier!

DB 5

I decided to opt for the goats cheese tart which came with a delicious looking salad, which tasted pretty great too.

DB 8

This was absolutely delicious and came with a tiny pot of gherkins that I adored.

DB 2

My friend had the pate, which she devoured as well. We were both very satisfied. The tearoom itself had a lot of items for sale, with unusual displays such as this teapot spout come out of the wall.

DB 4

There were some strange bits like the fact the bathroom was through the kitchen but overall it was a lovely funky and unusual tearoom. You could tell the owner absolutely adored her work and was very friendly.

DB 7

I give this tearoom 7.5 out of 10. The tearoom had cute decor, the staff were pretty good, the food was great and I had a good time. Check it out if you are ever in the area.

My Vintage Life….

You may have noticed I have been noticeably absent for a wee while. I promise this was anything but intentional. However my life just got busy, fun, crazy, hard and most of all time consuming. My small business was the main source of this but more recently it had been do with my health and personal reasons. I moved house at the beginning of June. This has been a blessing and curse for my small business and also for blogging. No internet and so much new ‘stuff’ so to speak left me severely distracted but altogether very happy.

Now this had died down, I’m beginning to come around to getting back into the swing of things. My first step this blog post. I’m hoping to start posting once every 1-2 weeks to begin with, whilst I get my rhythm back. So I hope you’ll bare with me. Everybody needs some time to take a step back and look at things but I also think it’s great to step back and just live your life. This is what I’ve been doing and I just want to share some of journey with you in the only way I know how…cue photo montage:

tea collection

Whilst packing I sudden realised how much tea I actually owned and I was not ashamed!

old house

Packing my housemate’s flat before the big move! It was really exhausting but we had lots of boundless energy.

new house

By this point I really didn’t want to unpack but I always do it pretty quickly. Cannot bare to live in chaos 😀 Looks a lot smarter now.

new kettle

A gift from my dad for moving into the new house! We use it all the time. It does teach you a lot of patience though.

first dinne rin ne whouse

My very first dinner in the house. It was so calming and peaceful. We love to gather around our workbench table and chat with eating in between.

cup of cha with katie

Obviously a home is not a home without some tea and keen to get a lot of use out of my teapot. It’s so cute and it’s cath kidston.

done up

SO feeling pretty good right now and having been going out a bit! Enjoying it a lot whilst its all new I guess 😀

nights out

Making lots of new friends and enjoying older friendships.

afternoon tea helmsley

And of course my best friends have been visiting and we have been visiting tearooms……you knew I would be!!!

See you soon my friends! Love the vintage life and just love life.

Two Fairs, One Day | Part 2

After a morning of beautiful vintage stalls, we took ourselves off for a spot of lunch at this awesome place called Leaf…I’ll get to the next fair soon…honest. It was so funky and full of tea. I went for a delicious Eggs Royale and tried my very first iced tea – which was delicious and very colourful.

Funky restaurant in Liverpool

Funky restaurant in Liverpool

After our scrummy lunch we jumped on a train and made our way to the next fair, which was the Artisans in the Palm House in Sefton Park. It really was a glorious day and perfect for an event like this as it was 50% outside and 50% inside. The outside stalls were mainly food – anything from awesome pizza trucks to veggie falafal pittas to the more traditional burger vans. There were sweet treats, flavoured peanut butter and awesome smoothies!

Food, sun and people!

Food, sun and people!

I treated myself to some of the peanut butter from the Funky Nut Co. I picked out the Sea Salt & Honey flavour and safe to say it did not last long. There was also singing throughout the time we visited, which was played out to the entire event – this produced a very vibrant atmosphere, which people seemed to enjoy.

Singers at the Palm House

Once we’d had a good wander and a smoothie of course, we popped inside for the stall holders and their wonderful wares. These were my favourites.

Lady Liver Tea

As you well know I love all things tea, so you won’t be surprised when I say this was one of my favourite stalls. I loved her mix between affordable china gift sets and beautifully blended tea. It’s always nice to find new tea blends to try. I treated myself to a two cup trial of ‘Sublime Mint’, which was lovely. I love how the loose leaf tea looks in these jars, they would make such a lovely display in a home.

Loose Liver Tea Company

the way to blue

This next stall really caught my attention. The stall was so striking. Blue is always a colour that appeals to me, it is a colour of many depths I feel and this work was stunning. Sarah who runs the stall seemed very knowledgeable about her work but also very passionate, which I think you can see in her work. Sadly I don’t use many candles etc so most of it wasn’t suitable for me but I picked up a little card to use for a special occasion.

The Way To Blue

(If you’re interested about how she does this, there is some information on her website)

Little Miss P

Recently I became the proud auntie to a beautiful little girl called ‘Olivia’, she is such a cutie. I get to meet her for the first time next weekend. Excited doesn’t really cover it. So I have baby on the brain a bit more than usual and I think this is why Little Miss P really stood out for me. These were special individual creations and they even had matching bloomers. Really could it get any cuter? I didn’t purchase one but that may change now I’ve seem these photos again… I will let you know!

Little Miss P


And last but not least was Fudgemental. This stall was full of sweet tasting deliciousness. The stall holder was actually a friend of my friend, so we chatted a bit. Her wares were delicious and I especially enjoyed trying all the flavours. She had taster pieces of each flavour under wine glasses, which looked great. I grabbed a bag full of my beloved salted caramel, vanilla and a cheeky baileys. As expected, these didn’t last long either.


I would highly recommend this event. A wonderful day out with food, music and gifts to be purchased. I know at the moment they are trying to raise funds to help support the upkeep of this beautiful palm house. So if you are in Liverpool, why not pop down to the next one and support a heritage site?

All in all, a blissful day with my best friend, looking at all the things that I adore.

Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair

Last weekend my friend Anne-Claire and I ventured out to Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair, in would you guess Saltaire, Yorkshire.

Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Victoria Hall, Saltaire

After a pretty long drive of about an hour and a half we arrived in this gorgeous little town with beautiful stone buildings and half forgotten shops.


We took a quick visit to get some much needed change and made our way to the fair, which was just £2 entry. These gorgeous places are expensive to hire!!! And boy was it lovely. The fair took place inside Victoria Hall, which must have been some kind of theatre hall, as it had a stage and some upper level seating. AC and I got started pretty quickly going around taking photos, taking a bit of video and just immersed ourselves into the atmosphere.

Fair 1 Fair 2

I was keen to buy something from this fair, as I’m real believer that you should support your own community. As I sell vintage homeware, I wanted to try and find something that caught my eye. Lucky for me I actually managed to find two great items and they are both now in my ownership and loving care.

Beautiful colours!

Beautiful colours!

Vintage Bag

*Taken from home!

The fair had plenty of stalls. However when I spoke to the fair organiser Caroline Brown, from Rose and Brown Vintage she told me in the summer months they would have an entirely different room open as well. So I may have to pop back, that’s if I don’t have a stall myself 😀

Alfie Robot Retro

I absolutely loved this stall, run by Jill Coulson. My vintage bag came from here, so I had tp mention her and just check out her wonderful wares. She even had Hornsea and you know how much I love Hornsea.

SF10 Hornsea everywhere!!! Vintage

Sally at Curiosity

This was my other favourite stall of the day, mainly because this is where I got the beautiful knives from! Still so in love with them and everyone else does too. Such a great addition to my personal collection. Anyway she had great taste from picnic baskets, to china to French books! See for yourself…

Tea trolley SF13 China

Vintage Various

Here are some of the other photos I took…

These beautiful pearls made me think of The Little Mermaid!

These beautiful pearls made me think of The Little Mermaid!

Folding Sewing Box

Folding Sewing Box

Hand Mirror and Brush Set

From Carter and Francis –

Vintage Red Coat

I can’t remember whose this was!! Let me know if it was you!!!!

To finish off our visit, we ventured to the tearoom in the fair and I’m sad to say it was my greatest disappointment. The service seemed muddled, the food didn’t look very appetising and the tea was rather plain and tasteless. I think the biggest trouble with the tearoom was that they really didn’t have the space they needed.

Tearoom 2 Tearoom 1

Overall though it was a fantastic fair and I can’t wait to go back….maybe as a stall holder…fingers crossed!

I’ll posting a video soon of the day, so I’ll link to it here when it goes live……bare with me though I still need to edit it….. 😀

Emily’s Earl Grey Diaries | Twinings Classic

I sit here mulling over the cup of Earl Grey in my hands and wonder just what I have gotten myself in for by deciding to review as many Earl Grey teas as I can this year. With every sip I take, the question ‘How do you talk about Tea?’ comes to mind and I start to panic. Alas another sip of tea calms me down and the cycle begins again.

To make things easier on myself, I have decided to tackle a tea I would class as fairly standard and fingers crossed easy to describe…


The tea in question is Twining’s Earl Grey blend, which in my mind is a really great every day tea. I consider it a very affordable tea with a satisfying taste.

If you want to know a secret about me, I will often only drink Earl Grey Tea. Even so much that I generally carry around Earl Grey tea bags with me when visiting friends that I know won’t have it. Take this as you will: fussy or just good taste? 😀

So back to the tea: Twinings it was…


This tea has a lovely rounded flavour to it, with only a small amount of Bergamot flavouring (often it can quite powerful and not to everyone’s taste). I like this tea with or without milk but I never take it with lemon strangely. I think this is something I will have to try this year.

Now the packet says this blend has lemon in it but I couldn’t really taste it myself. This tea is perfect for anyone who fancies trying something a little different but isn’t quite brave enough for something stronger like Orange Pekoe or Lapsang Souchong!

The Earl Grey aroma is strong and the tea in general has a rough taste to it.


I leave these teabags about 2-3 minutes to steep (brew) and this gives me a strong brown shade of tea with a very full, heavy taste. I feel quite full after a mug full of this. As you can see it tastes even better when it’s sipped out of a beautiful mug.


Overall I give this tea a solid 8 out of 10. This is mainly because I prefer loose leaf tea. I will endeavour to improve my tea descriptions but I do hope you try it yourself or let me know what you think of it if you’ve already sampled it.

P.S. Don’t forget some nice looking pink iced buns on an Emma Bridgewater plate….it’s a pretty essential addition don’t you think….no…well never mind…they sure were tasty!


Thank you for reading my blog…you can follow me here on Bloglovin!

D’Oyly’s | A Review

An old friend and a new tearoom, what a perfect combination!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

A week or so ago, I ventured to another new tearoom. This one was actually a bit further out than I usually go, which was sometimes exactly what I need to just get away from it all.

The sticks apparently..

The sticks apparently..

The tearoom was called ‘D’Oyly’s‘, a small family run tearoom and it just oozed country kitchen charm.

Oozing charm as described!

Oozing charm as described!

On this particular trip, I was mortifyingly 20 minutes late 😮

Thankfully I received a message from my friend informing me she was safely tucked in front of a roaring fire. Excellent news. Once I arrived I was blown away with the charm of the place, from the wreath on the door, the roaring fire, the plates on the shelf and the Royal Albert china on the table. Absolutely wonderful.

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

We both decided to sample the afternoon tea menu, as it was only £9.95. A bargain. When it arrived, we quite surprised to find mini scones instead of the usual giant scones you get but after consuming all the food it turned out the petite scones were just perfect. And instead of feeling overstuffed and ridiculously decadent, we felt satisfied and happy.

O 5

O 6

Sorry about some of these pictures, I didn’t want to disturb the other guests too much with my flash and thus my photos aren’t the best!

A win all around I think! The place had some absolutely beautiful decorations and just felt so homely. I loved this little white tree…

O 3

Best photo of the day!

…and my friend adored this tree (it had lots of sparkly lights in it, if you can’t tell!).

O 14

Overall I give this tearoom a 9 out of 10 and only 1 down because I would have preferred a more vintage looking cake stand!

This tearoom is well worth a visit, if you are ever in the area of Yorkshire (UK). It even has a B&B attached to it.

O 1

This Apple Pie was delicious!

P.S If you go, make sure you visit the bathroom and let me know what you think of what’s in there!