Dulcie Butterfly | A Review

A few months ago a twitter friend and I ventured to a little tearoom in Boston Spa called ‘Dulcie Butterfly‘. This tearoom actually does a few things including flowers and wedding photography. So a really array of offerings.

DB 1

Obviously we were there for the tea. On first impressions the small tearoom seemed very small and fairly cramped, but as we guided to our little table it seemed to add to the charm and the tables weren’t too close together, which is always a positive to me. The service was slightly slow at some points but forgivable due it being very busy.

We of course had Tea and it came in these cute teacups. You know I do love a good teacup. 😀

DB 6

Look at this crazy amazing chandelier!

DB 5

I decided to opt for the goats cheese tart which came with a delicious looking salad, which tasted pretty great too.

DB 8

This was absolutely delicious and came with a tiny pot of gherkins that I adored.

DB 2

My friend had the pate, which she devoured as well. We were both very satisfied. The tearoom itself had a lot of items for sale, with unusual displays such as this teapot spout come out of the wall.

DB 4

There were some strange bits like the fact the bathroom was through the kitchen but overall it was a lovely funky and unusual tearoom. You could tell the owner absolutely adored her work and was very friendly.

DB 7

I give this tearoom 7.5 out of 10. The tearoom had cute decor, the staff were pretty good, the food was great and I had a good time. Check it out if you are ever in the area.


The Tea Room | A Review

A few weeks ago I visited my brother and my sister-in-law to be for her baby shower! Yes I will be an auntie very shortly! Very exciting!!

TR Banner

Much to my delight I was taken to a lovely vintage tearoom whilst I was there! The tearoom is question was the aptly named ‘The Tea Room’, couldn’t be more to the point really. They don’t seem to have much of a web presence, well none that I can locate but here are their details on Facebook for you anyway.

I really enjoyed this little tearoom. My sister-in-law to be (well she’s called Laura, so let’s call her Laura from now on…ok?). Laura booked us in for a lunchtime shot. So there was my sister, my brother, Laura and her mother and me……quite a big table of people. Thank goodness she booked, as it was very busy by the time we got there at 1pm. Always a good sign though I say. The decor was lovely and very much up my street. Vintage chic, old tables, pretty decorations, big mirrors you know what I like!

After a lovely afternoon tea at the baby shower, I wasn’t quite ready for another. So I opted for the toasted Tuna, Cheese and Onion Toastie. Yum!

Cheese/Tuna Toastie

This next bit of information may be a shock to you all but I actually ordered Peppermint Tea 😮 I know what a traitor to the beloved Early Grey. But on the bright side, they did delight me by supplying loose leaf tea. Always a Yes for me. Why would I want a teabag when that is so easy for me to do at home? What are your thoughts on this? #Teabag or #LooseLeaf

TR 1 TR 5 TR 6 TR 4

     TR 9

And it was lovely 😀 The best part it all came out on fine bone china. My teacup as you might be able to guess (if you’re china fantatic like me) was a Colclough teacup.

One of my favourites.

TR 7

I even treated myself to this little beauty above. The bathroom was another delight…

TR 11Everyone demolished their food pretty quickly and we got the bill which was very well priced for by the sea.

TR 10

I give this tearoom a strong 8.5 out of 10!

A great experience, service was great, prices were very affordable, decor cute and appropriate, loose leaf tea was brilliant and everyone at my table went home very happy.

Jeanette’s Cakery | A Saltaire Surprise

On my recent trip across the county to Saltaire, we decided to try out a tearoom. After a quick briefing with a lovely local woman, we popped along to ‘Jeanette’s Cakery‘. She described it as a place worth bloggin’ about and boy was she right!

jc banner 2

What a find! This little beauty is on Saltaire’s main street, and just nestles right in. I really don’t think we could have found it ourselves without our tip. The interior was perfect. The tearoom is themed on the USA, so we’re talking juke boxes, 1950’s dresses, cupcakes and of course teacups. I think I was in heaven.



jc17 jc18

At the Cakery you could get an afternoon tea for £8.95, which seemed like an absolute bargain and we just had to try it. The afternoon came with sandwich, scone and a cupcake of choice! Yum!


We both went for Earl Grey tea (you’re probably not surprised) and the best part…it was loose leaf 😀 Our first teapot had a little leak in it, but thankfully the teapot had come on a tray. So they just whisked it away and a new one soon replaced it. Perfection. I got to tell you the service in this place was perfect. They were friendly, helpful and the tearoom seemed to flow really well.

JC13 JC15 JC8 JC7 JC6

The sandwiches were lovely, the scone was a little large but very tasty. The cupcakes were soo delicious (disclaimer: we had to eat them later as was too full).


Overall this tearoom was perfect; perfectly priced and such a great experience! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the area.

10 out of 10!

N.B: Wow don’t think I’ve ever given that score before!

D’Oyly’s | A Review

An old friend and a new tearoom, what a perfect combination!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

A week or so ago, I ventured to another new tearoom. This one was actually a bit further out than I usually go, which was sometimes exactly what I need to just get away from it all.

The sticks apparently..

The sticks apparently..

The tearoom was called ‘D’Oyly’s‘, a small family run tearoom and it just oozed country kitchen charm.

Oozing charm as described!

Oozing charm as described!

On this particular trip, I was mortifyingly 20 minutes late 😮

Thankfully I received a message from my friend informing me she was safely tucked in front of a roaring fire. Excellent news. Once I arrived I was blown away with the charm of the place, from the wreath on the door, the roaring fire, the plates on the shelf and the Royal Albert china on the table. Absolutely wonderful.

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

We both decided to sample the afternoon tea menu, as it was only £9.95. A bargain. When it arrived, we quite surprised to find mini scones instead of the usual giant scones you get but after consuming all the food it turned out the petite scones were just perfect. And instead of feeling overstuffed and ridiculously decadent, we felt satisfied and happy.

O 5

O 6

Sorry about some of these pictures, I didn’t want to disturb the other guests too much with my flash and thus my photos aren’t the best!

A win all around I think! The place had some absolutely beautiful decorations and just felt so homely. I loved this little white tree…

O 3

Best photo of the day!

…and my friend adored this tree (it had lots of sparkly lights in it, if you can’t tell!).

O 14

Overall I give this tearoom a 9 out of 10 and only 1 down because I would have preferred a more vintage looking cake stand!

This tearoom is well worth a visit, if you are ever in the area of Yorkshire (UK). It even has a B&B attached to it.

O 1

This Apple Pie was delicious!

P.S If you go, make sure you visit the bathroom and let me know what you think of what’s in there!

Bicis Y Mas | A Review and An Old Favourite!

BM 12

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before but I’m actually a pescetarian, which basically means I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish. So often I struggle with what to eat when I go out. In this instance however my best friend suggested we try the above place because it was a vegetarian restaurant. It’s called ‘Bicis Y Mas‘, which means Bicycles and more.

I get pretty darn excited anytime I can eat everything on the menu! Surprisingly rare. This time I went for what was described on the menu as a ‘hot pot’ but was actually a tureen. It was so darn tasty. My bestie went for a pastry with some homemade salads. I got to try some of hers and it had some really great tastes.

BM 3

BM 5

I had a cup of blue organic earl grey tea as well, which was divine! I really like the crockery, it had a nice burst of bold colour. The little cafe was very relaxed and funky. The service wasn’t fantastic to begin with, as they left us waiting to order for a wee bit too long but we were forgiving enough, as they had only just opened. Prices very reasonable and they had quite a bit of offer food wise, very healthy indeed.

BM 4

BM 6 BM 7

We would have tried the cake but we had an alternative appointment with an old tearoom friend that we were long overdue for. It did look delicious though.

BM 9

This place was very relaxed, quite trendy, very affordable and the food was just really good! Definitely an 8/10 for this place. Service could always be improved a bit but I’m sure they will be experiencing a steep learning curve round about now! So good luck to them.

Oh by the way did I mention they also sell bikes?

BM 10

Bit extra on the side!

After our lovely little cafe visit we popped into our favourite little tearoom: Me and Mrs Fisher! They are so lovely in there, we love going. We knew we had to go back because it had just been so long since our first visit.

fish 4

I also had to try the pink lemonade cake that had caught my eye last time and boy was I glad we went back for it. So good.

The cake was perfectly balanced between sweet and the savoriness that a cake needs. The little raspberry seeds made it pop slightly in the mouth and the icing was so soft and creamy.

fish 6 fish 3

Right…I need to go back right now…..where are my shoes!

Bestie tried a lemon and poppy seed cake but we both decided the pink lemonade cake won out! Seriously they should enter it into a cake competition.

fish 5

Catch up soon. Off to another tea room this weekend and a vintage fair! So very excited.

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