D’Oyly’s | A Review

An old friend and a new tearoom, what a perfect combination!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

The Gorgeous Jaynie!

A week or so ago, I ventured to another new tearoom. This one was actually a bit further out than I usually go, which was sometimes exactly what I need to just get away from it all.

The sticks apparently..

The sticks apparently..

The tearoom was called ‘D’Oyly’s‘, a small family run tearoom and it just oozed country kitchen charm.

Oozing charm as described!

Oozing charm as described!

On this particular trip, I was mortifyingly 20 minutes late 😮

Thankfully I received a message from my friend informing me she was safely tucked in front of a roaring fire. Excellent news. Once I arrived I was blown away with the charm of the place, from the wreath on the door, the roaring fire, the plates on the shelf and the Royal Albert china on the table. Absolutely wonderful.

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

Royaaaaaaaaal Alllllbert

We both decided to sample the afternoon tea menu, as it was only £9.95. A bargain. When it arrived, we quite surprised to find mini scones instead of the usual giant scones you get but after consuming all the food it turned out the petite scones were just perfect. And instead of feeling overstuffed and ridiculously decadent, we felt satisfied and happy.

O 5

O 6

Sorry about some of these pictures, I didn’t want to disturb the other guests too much with my flash and thus my photos aren’t the best!

A win all around I think! The place had some absolutely beautiful decorations and just felt so homely. I loved this little white tree…

O 3

Best photo of the day!

…and my friend adored this tree (it had lots of sparkly lights in it, if you can’t tell!).

O 14

Overall I give this tearoom a 9 out of 10 and only 1 down because I would have preferred a more vintage looking cake stand!

This tearoom is well worth a visit, if you are ever in the area of Yorkshire (UK). It even has a B&B attached to it.

O 1

This Apple Pie was delicious!

P.S If you go, make sure you visit the bathroom and let me know what you think of what’s in there!


The Old House Tearoom | A Review

Today my other half took me to a tearoom called ‘The Old House Tearoom‘. This tearoom is set in the rolling hills of the wonderful peak district. We were treated to some fantastic views, as you can see below.

View from the Teacup View 2

It seemed fairly quiet when we arrived at lunchtime but on reflection it was actually quite nice for it not to be too busy. We enjoyed the peace and quiet. This tearoom is attached to a B&B, which seemed like a perfect place to take a break. Out in the peak district but close enough to places such as Manchester for some big city trips.

The menu was fairly simple, but sometimes I find that is just perfect. We both decided to try the soup when we found out it was home-made butternut squash soup.


I thought the soup was delicious, perfect for a fairly breezy day. However we both agreed the bread roll didn’t taste quite right, and perhaps could have been warmed up to give it that bit extra.

My other half ordered this scrummy looking hot chocolate, which came with marshmallows and cream for just an extra 40p for both, sometime you forget how overpriced a chain coffee shop can be. All the food and drinks here seemed very reasonably priced. Our meals and drinks only cost about £11 in total. I ordered Early Grey, as per usual. Both drinks came in plain white cups, which is a bit of a change from my usual dainty teacups but as long as they are in good order, I’m fine with them. Thankfully, they were!

Hot Chocolate

Teacup set  Tea

This little tearoom was a sweet place with some good food, great prices and some peaceful surroundings. I felt they could have done a little more with the tearoom itself, add a bit more of charm considering their surrounding. However, the surroundings themselves actually made up for a lot of what wasn’t in the tearoom.

7 out of 10 for this tearoom.

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A Tearoom Recommendation…(if I can ever get the name right!)

On my last post an old friend of mine suggested I visit a small tearoom in York, known as ‘Me and Mrs Fisher’. A slightly strange name I grant you but I think that’s what caught my attention the most. Some people so unique that their name had to match their personalities! I loved the idea of it. So instead of going to the already planned tearoom, I yet again dragged my best friend to the above mentioned tearoom! And boy were we both glad I did…

I continue….To prepare you my tale of this wonderful treat, I shall I start with a picture of the view as we gracefully waltzed up to this tearoom…

DSCN3877      DSCN3876

Now really how gorgeous is that painted advert sign…a bit of  famous icon in York actually. Everybody seems to know what you mean when you say ‘you know the big yellow painted sign thing’.

We definitely trundled up to this tearoom, my best friend and I and it was a sight for sore eyes! Absolutely perfect.

DSCN3875      DSCN3879

I can’t tell you how excited I was…eeeek!

DSCN3862      DSCN3864

They even had a Haberdashery counter. The picture on the right. It has all these lovely drawers that get shorter as they go up, so you can see all the wares.

Once we got over the excitement of how perfect it looked, we were met by some lovely staff, who suggested we eat outside as it was such a lovely day! (In hindsight perhaps it was a bit too hot for us!).

DSCN3851      DSCN3850

As it was a special treat day I went for a milkshake (they even added ice-cream in as special request!!!) and wasn’t it magnificent….

DSCN3852      DSCN3855

Jen decided to go for another Red Bush Tea and was much happier as it came in a vintage teacup.

Then onto the food choice and boy were there some good choices. Real food. I went for the freshly baked Leek, Potato and Cheese Pie and Jen has the Salmon Quiche. Both came with cous cous, salad, home-made coleslaw and a home-made carrot chutney. Absolutely stunning and both tasted amazing! Fabulous pricing as well, both dishes were under 7 pounds each.

DSCN3857     DSCN3858

Once we were done, we ventured back inside to have a look at all their home-made wares. Lots of cute stuff, I purchased an unusual wedding card which I loved. They also had a box of mismatched vintage crockery. Next time I’m definitely going to have to have a bit of a rummage and see what I can find.

DSCN3859     DSCN3860

As we wrapping up out amazing visit, they mentioned they had a “little” haberdashery upstairs…I mean c’mon how cute can this place get? It was fab, so unique. I will definitely be popping back to get some stuff. What better way to support a little business like this than getting to buy some stuff like this.

DSCN3865      DSCN3866

Just popping in a cheeky little mirror picture of my outfit for the day. I decided I should try and make a bit more of an effort on tearoom visit days! So here is my vintage-esk outfit!! What do you think?

DSCN3869     DSCN3868

Right well that’s all from our lovely visit to ‘Me and Mrs Fisher‘! The service was fantastic and friendly, the food was perfection and the tableware was brilliant. I really liked this place…can you tell?

I easily give it 4 and half stars! (Only because I think everyone should keep striving for perfection!)

See you soon x

Another day, another tea shop….


My close friends visited at the weekend and I took them to the local vintage tea shop: The Wellwalk Tearooms.

We decided to go for the afternoon tea menu, which included a pot of tea, sandwiches, a homemade scone with jam and cream, some cakes and some smaller treats. All for £12. An absolute bargain I think.

My friends really enjoyed it and here are a few more photos to prove it 🙂



Well worth a visit!

Did I mention the delicious macaroons?


Tata for now
Em x