Two Fairs, One Day | Part 1

Last weekend I visited my best friend Sarah (she has been mentioned numerous times, mostly because she’s amazing!!!). Anyway I popped over to Liverpool to see her and we managed to fit a whole load of stuff into our time together. We felt pretty clever….until we found out how exhausting it all was! Great day though 😀


First fair of the day was the Empire and it was ‘Liverpool Does Vintage’. There were quite a few stalls packed into the entrance area and bar upstairs, but sadly it did feel a little underwhelming. On the positive side, my Bestie and I had a really great rummage through the rails and managed to find some magnificent pieces.

I really loved this dress I found and the price point was perfect. Sadly the size tag was not as perfect and I felt it would be dishonest to myself to buy something i would like never fit into.


I was a little surprised to find so few homeware stalls. As you know I’m keen vintage homeware enthusiast, so this was a bit disappointing. Bestie did manage to find a lovely little skirt, which she thought would be perfect for her holidays in a few weeks time.

Overall the fair was good, but I would like to see the fair in a better location next time with more light. With vintage I always prefer to be able to see every detail of the item I’m buying especially as I am unable to take it back.


The tearoom looked pretty cute, unfortunately as my Bestie has to be gluten free, we were unable to sample this menu!!

Overall I did expect a little more from fair but it was fun to discover some bits of vintage clothing. A must if you love your vintage clothes!

Part 2 – Artisans in the Palm House…coming soon!


Liverpool Holibobs | Wicked, Vintage and D.I.Y Burritos

I’m in Liverpool…again!

I often visit, as my best friend lives here and obviously I want to see her a lot. A few months ago we heard the musical ‘Wicked’ would be going to Liverpool and Sarah was desperate to see it! I love it so much, so really it was really a no brainer that we should go. Her housemate even got in on the action and we book all our tickets. They weren’t exactly cheap, about £40 but it was well worth it and I decided I should make a bit of a holiday of it. I arranged to stay a few days in Liverpool, and then after to go on to see another friend, down near Stoke-on-Trent.

We had a really great day leading up to the fantastic finale of seeing Wicked. A delicious lunch, followed by a few vintage shops. My perfect kind of holiday!

Lunch was in a place called ‘MelloMello‘. I think I may have mentioned this place before but here are some pictures anyway. They have a great vintage style decor in the place and even have a stage!

mello 12 mello 11 mello 10      mello 9 mello 6         mello 5 mello 4        mello 3 mello 2      Mello 1

They do loads of vegetarian food too, I absolutely love it. Sarah and I both had these D.I.Y burritos! Too much food though, so we didn’t end up eating dinner til really late. Oops!

mello 7

Once we left we ventured to the more unique shops of Liverpool, you know how much I’m loving Vintage right now!! We first ventured to a place called ‘Little Red Vintage‘. This place had a nice feel to it, again another shop that was presented well. It had clear clothing sections and lovely decor.

LRV 11    LRV 1     LRV 8 LRV 7 LRV 6 LRV 5 LRV 4 LRV 3

I couldn’t find anything I really liked clothes wise but I am on the lookout for a vintage suit. I saw someone else posted about a gorgeous one that had found and I just can’t forget about it. It was such a stylish statement piece. I will keep endeavouring though. I really liked this pink one but it wasn’t in my size.


Sarah and I found these sweet necklaces and we just had to have them. One each of course!

LRV  14

Next we went onto ‘Pop‘ vintage. We were hoping to visit their new bigger store but it wasn’t quite ready yet. So we just popped into their smaller store that is still open. I really liked it in this place, another neatly organised shop but it had such a good ‘vibe’. Here are a few pics, again I didn’t buy anything from here but Sarah did. Lovely pair of patterned trousers and vintage white blouse.


So after all this shopping and food, we had to make a quick shufty back to sarah’s house to get ready for the big show. It was so good. I’ve seen Wicked before and it never disappoints. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Here is my outfit for the night and outside of the theatre!

wixked wicked 2

That’s our day and it was so good, I even took some video. So I’ll be posting it sometime soon. Will add it on here when I do!

I’m off to some of the potteries, tearooms and a night out with my other friend this weekend. So I think I may do another post this weekend. Just had too much to tell you to wait.

The York Vintage Trail | Guided by an old friend

Following on from the excitement from my last vintage trail, I decided to go on another one…a week later! This time I hit the vintage shops of York, guided by an old friend! 

We first hit ‘The Red House Antiques Centre‘. They has lots of cabinets full of bits and bobs, some fetching silver pieces and a few bits of china that especially caught my eye.

cutlery silverware

A nice looking vase caught my friend’s eye but as we were Vintage Clothes hunting, we made our way to the top attic room where the vintage clothes were presiding. It was a cute layout, styled almost as if it was someone’s bedroom. We had a rummage through the rails. They had an impressive collection of vintage leather handbags but unfortunately the range of clothes on offer was fairly limited.

men 1 leather handbags ladies 2 ladies 1 attic upstairsOur next stop was at ‘Dog and Bone Vintage‘. They have a really great Facebook page (click link), very engaging and constantly shows off all their beautiful wares. The shop is beautifully laid out, with clear sections and clothes grouped into types and styles. It was fantastic. We tried on a number of items and had a lot of fun. The sales assistant was great and really chatty, added to the experience. We liked a few things but we didn’t fall in love with anything. The dresses were a bit pricey for me but each piece was in fantastic condition and I think would be a great investment piece. 

dog 1 dog 3 dog 4 dog 5 dog 6 dog 7It was all so just lovely and colourful, definitely worth checking out if you’re in York!

Next we went to the ‘Sue Ryder Vintage Charity Shop‘. I’ve been into this very charity shop many times before but never realised before that the vintage section is actually up the stairs! Gosh I felt silly when my friend showed me this new floor of delights. In this shop we has no qualms about trying absolutely anything on and boy did we have fun! Somethings are really unwearable but here are some of the dresses I tried on for your pleasure. Guess which one of these I actually purchased?

dress 1 dress 2

sue 1 sue 2 sue 3 sue 4I purchased a few bits from this place, as it was much more in budget for this month but I’m going to post them in another post featuring my new vintage outfits. I think I also may have to pop back to the other places when the budget isn’t so tight 😀

Time was getting on, so we popped into this little cafe/Tearoom called ‘Chloes of York‘ for some lunch, which was nice. Unfortunately nothing really special but the food was ok!

chloes 1

Our last stop on the York Vintage Trail was ‘Bowler Vintage‘. I had been in before and had thought they were too pricey for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had diversified a bit since I’d been in and had more stuff on offer. What I liked was that they had old vintage pieces that were more affordable, as well as the gorgeous tailored and detailed vintage clothes that were more expensive but still not too much.

They also featured a number of vintage recreations. These are clothes that have been made in the style of vintage but are brand new. This is a nice way to be able to afford and fit into vintage, if you’re either of those things are an issue. The store was also another one that was laid out beautifully. It was a really pleasant and fun experience. Something I think Vintage shops really need to play into. They need to keep it fun!

bowler 1 bowler 2 bowler 3 bowler 5 bowler 6 bowler 8

I tried a few things on, but I didn’t actually purchased either of these pieces in the pictures. My purchases will be featured on another blog post. 

bowler 7 bowler 4

Still can’t figure out how to get two photos next to each other in the middle…any help given greatly appreciated!

So that’s it for this tour of the vintage shops of York. My next planned trip is to go around the vintage shops of Leeds! I’m very excited…other trips coming up include Liverpool (again), Newcastle-under-Lyme and potentially Portsmouth!


Oh wait….did I forget to show this beauty? You know how I feel about these things…….

bowler 9


The Harrogate Vintage Trail

Last weekend, I dragged my best friend on a mini Vintage Shop trail around Harrogate. I recently got hooked on a UK television show called ‘This Old Thing‘, which is all about introducing reluctant people to the world of Vintage and it really struck a chord with me. I loved how the presenter made me feel like Vintage was something I could do. In all honesty, I’ve always thought I was little too big size wise for Vintage but I felt like she encouraged me to just go and have a try. As she so rightly put, sizing has all changed and clothing shapes are so different now. You never know what might fit you!

So in an effort to try out this new found passion I simply typed vintage shops Harrogate into my phone and off we went! Not it seems my most cunning plan to date……apparently you should probably take a few minutes beforehand to research into these things. The first shop we looked for didn’t even exist and so we had spent a blustery 10 minutes looking for nothing! Not the best use of our precious time.

Next we went on to look for a vintage shop called ‘Space‘, The map suggested there were a number of vintage shops in the area but when we arrived we could only see Space. It turns out the vintage shop space included a number of vintage dealers and shops. I thought this was a fantastic idea, and the shop was laid out beautifully. Some times vintage shops can seem really untidy and very difficult to browse around but this one was different. Each section was laid out beautiful and some sections were even styled in the correct decor. Fantastic! I got quite camera happy in this shop.

vintage 7 vintage 6 vintage 5 vintage 4They even had a couture vintage dress section and just wow…those were some dresses beautiful. The designs and the detail were exquisite.

vintage 2Vintage 1I did actually try on two vintage dresses on but they didn’t quite fit right. Onwards and upwards I say!

We next popped along to a vintage shop called ‘Elegant Era‘. This was tucked away in the Harrogate Mews. It was a very quaint shop, which turned out to only sell Vintage style replicas. The lady who run the shop explained that the 40’s vintage market, the one she loved the most, had become rather dry in recent years and the quality was just lacking in the pieces. Therefore she had taken the bold move to stock only vintage reproductions. I thought she had picked some absolutely lovely ones.

vintage 9My friend even purchased one (no photo though sorry!!). I tried on a dress, I didn’t get it though because the material bunched up a lot at the top and I thought the colour was draining on me.

vintage 10

At this point we ran out of time, as searching for these shops had taken far too long. Next time I go vintage shop hunting I will definitely check first the shops are open to the public still and two I know where they are!

I’d love to see any of your vintage finds. Please link to any vintage clothes blog posts or photos!