Two Fairs, One Day | Part 1

Last weekend I visited my best friend Sarah (she has been mentioned numerous times, mostly because she’s amazing!!!). Anyway I popped over to Liverpool to see her and we managed to fit a whole load of stuff into our time together. We felt pretty clever….until we found out how exhausting it all was! Great day though 😀


First fair of the day was the Empire and it was ‘Liverpool Does Vintage’. There were quite a few stalls packed into the entrance area and bar upstairs, but sadly it did feel a little underwhelming. On the positive side, my Bestie and I had a really great rummage through the rails and managed to find some magnificent pieces.

I really loved this dress I found and the price point was perfect. Sadly the size tag was not as perfect and I felt it would be dishonest to myself to buy something i would like never fit into.


I was a little surprised to find so few homeware stalls. As you know I’m keen vintage homeware enthusiast, so this was a bit disappointing. Bestie did manage to find a lovely little skirt, which she thought would be perfect for her holidays in a few weeks time.

Overall the fair was good, but I would like to see the fair in a better location next time with more light. With vintage I always prefer to be able to see every detail of the item I’m buying especially as I am unable to take it back.


The tearoom looked pretty cute, unfortunately as my Bestie has to be gluten free, we were unable to sample this menu!!

Overall I did expect a little more from fair but it was fun to discover some bits of vintage clothing. A must if you love your vintage clothes!

Part 2 – Artisans in the Palm House…coming soon!


Vintage Goodies | Getting ready for the future


Long time, no see. I’ve been absolutely crazy busy with preparations for the Decoporium…so I wanted to let you in with what I’ve been up to.

Stand by for a bunch of photos 😀 So first my is new welsh dresser, that I am up-doing. It has now been painted, waxed (possibly over waxed too) and the drawers have been lined! It’s so cute. I love it. (Proper picture coming soon).



Next I’ve been buying in a whole load of vintage goodness! Sometime I wonder if I really will be able to part with it….

IMG_20150215_174754 IMG_20150208_130456


And lastly I’ve been trying to sort out my china collection and boy do I have a lot! It’s heaven.

Deco Blog 5

Deco Blog 4

Deco Blog 3

Never fear, I’ve been having plenty of cups of Tea to get me through!

DEco Blog 6

Catch you all soon with some more Vintage Adventures!!

Introducing | Emily’s Vintage Collection

Hello to you all!

I’m pleased and very nervous to announce my new venture to you all today. I have decided to launch my very own vintage homeware selling business!!


EmsVintageCollection Etsy Shop

It’s called ‘Emily’s Vintage Collection‘ and is place where I can sell on all my wonderful vintage finds to lots of other vintage loving people!

I’ve got a few social sites you can follow (if you’d like to see what I get up to with it all): Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Here are my first few shop listings:

Beauty Dressing Table Set Cup Hornsea Royal Ivory Bowls Orange Glass Bowl and Jug Set Vinegar Hornsea Bottle

Mayfair China Jug

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on once in a while but I’ll be keeping my blog similar to what I’ve been posting. I do love my tearoom reviews, though I will be sharing my up-cycling vintage projects. I’m also developing a craft stall idea but I’ll let you in on that one another time.

I’m really looking forward to 2015. Are you?

Thanks for catching up with my blog…you can follow me here on Bloglovin!

Vintage Finds | A treasure trove of vintage

Whilst in the Peak District, I also ventured into a local vintage shop and it was lovely! This little shop was called ‘Vintage Finds’. When I get my own home, I know this is somewhere I want to visit again just so I can buy everything. The owner had excellent taste and the shop was jam packed to the rafters, it was so beautiful. She had tea sets, furniture, old vintage jars/pots/stands…you name it, she had it!

vf 1

I could have stayed there forever!

vf 5 VF 4

I even spied a lovely little tea set. You know me, like a magpie to these things but in the end I decided against it. I think even if I went back in a couple of months, I would still find something I loved. So I’m not too worried.

Even the shop front was absolutely gorgeous, just full and so much life. What do you think? One of the better ones definitely.

vf 3

I absolutely adored this stand and these sets. I really want some of these stands, so I can showcase some of my sets off but there are quite rare, so I will have to keep my eyes peeled.

vf 6

I had a few more photos, but unfortunately some of them got corrupted on my SD card. I hope to visit again soon, so I can take more photos for you all!

Why not check out her Facebook page here? Or check out her Website here for more information?

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